A Man To Man Talk With Guy Gamers [DigitalNoob]

DigitalNoob's Russ Pirozek writes:

Seems it’s about time we have a bit of a chat, because things are getting a bit tense, here.For the longest time (since the invention of a messaging system through online play, most likely), male gamers have been taking out their frustrations on the fairer sex by sending lewd, insulting messages that either make fun of their appearance, imagined sexual history or orientation, or their weight.

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Hazmat132342d ago

boys will be boys and girls will be girls because the invention of varies tech a new breed of man and women have been seen they not only see this video game as a for fun but a way to escape not saying its a nice community but it could us some work. soo is you join a community for all you females out there remember "if some dude is giving you a hard time, block him simple as that or find out where he lives and punch him in the dick!"