Culture Clash: Japanese and Western Gaming

Three companies currently dominate the videogame market. Two of them, Nintendo and Sony, are Japanese. The other, Microsoft, is American. Today Examiner will explore an in-depth look at the diverse philosophies behind the different cultures and how these factors affect how you play games.

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zeal0us2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

"The other side to this is when Japanese developers do focus on western audiences but fail in their execution."

Quantum Theory I'm looking at you -_-

isntchrisl2429d ago

Nintendo does a pretty good job at playing to their strengths while appealing to wider audiences, I think.

I also like a lot of Platinum Games' work.

stragomccloud2428d ago

Very true about the street pass thing in Japan. I was in Japan for about 2 months last summer and I would get 30 a day if I actually used the miis so I could get some more.

2427d ago
isntchrisl2427d ago

Your "resistance to change" quote is taken out of context. It's about the development process and making games for wider audiences. Not if the west likes a new COD every year.

There is nothing made up in this article. Here are more examples of key Japanese developers that have been critical of their home country's approach to development this gen:

Hideo Kojima-

Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata-

Several more here-

I'm glad you commented because this has given me a chance to share more examples for the article.

I don't hate Japan or its games at all. Facts are facts though. The country stumbled this gen in the transition to HD development.