Your questions for Mark Rein

Keith Stuart of Guardian Unlimited writes: "Tomorrow evening I'll be interviewing Mark Rein, the outspoken vice president of Epic Games. High on the agenda - the PS3 iteration of Unreal Tournament 3 and the future of Unreal Engine 3. But what would YOU like to ask him? Add your question as a comment and I'll put it to him."

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Xbox is the BEST4663d ago

does other studios struggle with the Unreal Engine?
2. Why does Gears look better than UT#3 for the PS#3?

DEADEND4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

1. Why are people like Xbox is the BEST such @ssholes?
2. Why is Ut3 so great on the PS3 but the 360 might be really garbage?

Xbox is the BEST4663d ago

Because 360 gamers have the best games to play.

GodGinrai4663d ago

1)Why ,oh why is n4g rampant with fanboys(X360/ps3) who cant read an article without saying stupid things?

2)They cant seriously behave like this in real life can they?

ROCCOZILLA4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

just need to fix the online with the mods.its frezzing when i host 16 player with mods.can you beef it up to play like war hawk, this game.PLAY B3YOND!

heyheyhey4663d ago

is there a possibility for gears 2 on ps3(serious question)?

and before POG gets all defensive, i just want to say that this isn't impossible as it is a third party game