‘Xbox 720′ slated for November 2013 release, report claims

Microsoft plans to launch its next-generation Xbox video game and home entertainment console ahead of the holidays next year, according to a recent report by the Los Angeles Times.

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Akuma-3533d ago

They should unveil it at e3 2012

Shok3533d ago

That would cut into the 360's sales, which is still selling very well.

LackTrue4K3533d ago Show
morganfell3533d ago

MS have already stated no new Xbox talk at E3.

Now there are certain people on this board that swear it is going to be there and we know which person about whom I am speaking.

Patriots_Pride3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

@Shok - Why would it? Who the hell would hold off on buying a 360 and wait for the 720 until Nov 2013, also all MS has to do is give the 360 a price drop and bamm.

@Onyoursisterback - Tacos give me diarrhea so I refuse to eat them.

@ Morgan - Companies say stuff like that all the time to try and stray the public always - NintendO said the same about the Wii U rumors lasT E3.

Bob5703533d ago


MS also denied the possibility of announcing a slim version of the 360 at E3 2010. Obviously they lied.

And when asked whether or not they are going to announce the next gen Xbox, do you really think they are going to say "yes"?

Anything any company in the game industry says regarding future announcements cannot be taken with any weight. They are not going to tell you their plans early just because you asked. They are going to show the world when it's ready to be shown.

F7U123533d ago

Spring release would be better had to be 2013 and no later, the base has been waiting how long 2 years now? So this gives us a PS4 release and that's all I care about.

Gamer19823533d ago

Which is starting to sell well? So what it was selling poor in the past? Anyways on topic here I fear MS hand might have been forced by Google/Motorola here over this new patent war and if MS lose it they would no longer be able to sell the 360 meaning a new console is the only way they can make money from xbox as people will start switching to ps3 and other alternatives.

sikbeta3533d ago

Next Gen can't come soon enough!

Peppino73533d ago

I don't think will hold off on a console for over a year and a half from an announcement like that.
I also expected ps4 to be put out hopefully around the same time.

donman13533d ago

Very well in only the United States. Other territories the PS3 is outselling it.

Hisiru3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Nope, Nintendo actually said they would officially announce the Wii U at the E3 2011 show (they said it in March or April, something like that), just like they did with the Nintendo 3DS. Youre using the wrong example.

And I don't think Microsoft has a lot of things to talk about at this year's E3 so they will probably at least say that their new console is coming.

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LackTrue4K3533d ago

the way Motorola is trying to ban there system in the U.S. "there sales will do a dead stop!!! I say release it Friday" :)

fermcr3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Giving Nintendo a year head start it's bad for Microsoft and Sony. If ‘Xbox 720′ is slated for November 2013 then MS will present it between GDC 2013 and E3 2013.

Wasn't the X360 announced at E3 2005 and come out November 2005 ?

TooTall193533d ago

A year head start? More like a 6 year late start.

Blackdeath_6633533d ago

I agree with "TooTall19"i dont see how wii having a year head start will be bad to anyone. the wii u hardware is outdated and is playing catch up with the ps3 and 360 let alone compete with the ps4/xbox720

ATi_Elite3533d ago

Stop dragging this out!

The time is Now for The Last Console Gen to Begin!

But it's a smart move to make sure the Wii U doesn't have some Huge surprise!! Sony better not wait till 2014 or it's Game Over for them.

andibandit3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Wouldnt matter so much if Sony would work on:

Unit Price

Blackdeath_6633533d ago

sony already made it clear that they are not so bothered about releasing their console last. it will be intresting to see if ms and microsoft aim for 2013 or 2014

SilentNegotiator3533d ago

"Sony better not wait till 2014 or it's Game Over for them"

Just like the ps2, xbox, gcube got slaughtered by the Dreamcast because they were late to the party, right?

PimpDaddy3532d ago

Sega didn't have the backing of a lot of 3rd party developers and didn't have the money to compete with Sony even though they launched a year earlier. That is why they lost. Plus remember that Nintendo and Microsoft released their consoles a year later than the PS2.

Timing will be huge this time around too...

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1Victor3533d ago

That's what most likely will happen do you actually think that MS will let Nintendo do to them what they did to Sony this generation by releasing a year later. My money is on MS announce it on E3 and release it early next year and Sony will announce their on TGS and release a month after MS . My opinion not a fact.

DeadlyFire3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Should yes, but will they? I rewatched E3 2004 footage and funny thing is they were launching Halo 2 in November 2004. They are launching Halo 4 this November. Kinda funny how it all sounds the same. ha Looks like it might not show up at E3 2012, but still very certain it will launch in 2013. Still though I do believe they did confirm they were working on a console in 2004. So they are likely to do the same. You can't let competition out pace you in the public eye or your sales will diminish.

Last time they did show new console at E3 2005 for X360 as first viewing. At the time though we all knew it was coming in 2004 anyway despite it not being showcased at E3 2004. All the leaks and details out there. Just like this time we already know 90% of the when and the details. We just need some confirmations and some view of what graphics will look like for the next 6 years on a home console. Sony did announce in 2004 pretty much confirming it. They will likely hint or announce this time as well. Especially with Nintendo launching this year. You would think one of them or both of them will want to grab that attention away from WiiU.

Even though WiiU might not be graphical powerhouse that PS4/XB3 might be. It could possibly hold the position that the PS2 had when it launched. It was weaker one of the generation. Had lots of third party support and grew an enormous fanbase. WiiU could do the same have the same sucess. If their system holds enough power to make decent enough graphical power over the PS3/X360 consoles. It wouldn't need god like graphics GPU to rule the generation in sales.

GamingPerson3533d ago

The next gen dashboard!! I can't wait!

Sano643532d ago

sure, if you wan't Halo 4 to flop

under taker 343532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Microsoft should announce a console for next year or for the year after, cause its going to force Sony to act. Sony will have no choice but to cut ps3 exclusives to make ps4 exclusives. since the next consoles will require all development teams they can muster.

...and by doing so the ps3 will die. ff13 vs has went a whole console's lifetime, its probably going to be on xbox3's top lineup when the console comes out.

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Axonometri3533d ago

Might be risking a lot of 360 sales from this summer to next November if this is the case. Doubt they would do that. Maybe, if they were blocked from selling 360's in US, then I could see them pushing next one out soon as possible.

TekoIie3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

MS will pay the money before it gets blocked lol. For a start if they allowed it devs would NOT be happy and that could give their competition a chance to get a step ahead of them.

They can make more than double 4 billion (im sure thats the cost) after a year even though it would be a serious blow to them.

dcbronco3533d ago

MS also got a block on Motorola phones so I'm sure they will come to an agreement.

BitbyDeath3533d ago

Hoping so but like Akuma said they should show it off at this years E3. Leaving it til next years will be too close to release.

NYC_Gamer3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

MS won't show off the next xbox until 2013....This E3 will be the 360 final lap with MS being xbl app focused......