GamesBeat: Company of Heroes 2 takes the battle to the frozen Russian front

On the frozen terrain of the Eastern Front, Germany suffered more than 80 percent of its casualties in World War II. That grim fact is reflected in the brutal combat of the upcoming Company of Heroes 2, which THQ plans to publish on the PC next year.

The original Company of Heroes was one of the best real-time strategy games of 2006. I played the entire game, and it was one of my favorites of the year. It covered battles on the Western Front after the American invasion of France. But Company of Heroes 2 will cover a longer span: from 1941 until the storming of Berlin in 1945.

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acronkyoung2338d ago

Slightly different environment, but it's still World War II.

THR1LLHOUSE2338d ago

Are we at the point yet where WW2 is a retro-enough setting that it can be cool again?

caboose322338d ago

I don't think CoH would work really well with any other era.