Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft: Who will win at E3?

GameZone writes, "E3 2012 is just around the corner, and this year's show could prove to be one of the most important in years. That's because a new console generation is just around the corner, with Nintendo's Wii U already prepping for launch, while Microsoft and Sony continue to deny rumors of their own next generation machines. Sony and Nintendo are waging a huge portable battle, with the 3DS squaring off against the Vita. All three companies are still looking to get more sales out of their current consoles, with plenty of new exclusives waiting to be announced. So, the 3 major players are duking it out at E3 2012, the GameZone crew answers the most important question of all. Who will win?"

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NastyLeftHook02435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

It's Between Sony And Nintendo.

Microsoft... Not So Much.

Bleucrunch2435d ago

I would agree. Sony and Nintendo have new consoles to show off and also a plethera of new IP's and games to show as well. Microsoft will be riding that over priced microphone called Kinect into the ground man.

Hisiru2435d ago

Microsoft will show some multiplatform games + Halo Reach 2 and Halo 4.

It's between Sony and Nintendo and maybe it will be a tie. Both companies have a lot of great stuff to show.

guitarded772435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Nintendo has the most to prove coming into E3... they have the new console and some games to show for it which will be great, but if it's true that they are not going to announce a price or a hard release date at E3, it will leave us all with the two biggest questions about the Wii U unanswered. That's a big downer.

Sony will have the biggest exclusive line-up at the show, making their press conference the most enticing to game whores such as myself. Also, if they announce a price drop on the PS3 and possibly the PS Vita, they'll be the winner this holiday season.

I know everyone wants to look down on MS's conference since they have the least core exclusives, but I know they will demo Halo 4 with the highest production value at the show. They'll probably have the exclusive stage showing of CoD Blops 2 and one other mega-ton selling title on stage, making their conference the big money title conference. That along with a few other exclusive titles like Fable and Forza, their show won't be bad at all, just not as exciting to us gamers who play more than 4-5 games a year. It's important to remember, not everyone who plays games is like us (play every game we can get our hands on).

As for winning E3... it's the same as every year. We the gamers win!!! Everyone should put their fanboy hats aside for the big event and just enjoy the show.

firefoxprime2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Microsoft: Cut the crap. Bring solid IP's that can compliment your Halo/Forza franchise. I'm a PS3 gamer, but I've got some 360 friends. Some are content. Some are pissed.

Of course in MS's eyes, they're doin fine. Only time will tell.

Sony: Maintain flow of solid AAA titles. Prove the Vita is worth the cash. Showcase titles that have been living in the shadows. The last guardian for example.

Nintendo: Prove WiiU isn't a piece of crap. Show truckload of 3rd party support(that won't flake out like the 3DS). Show innovation. Surprise us! Revive older IP's into the HD realm, and prove there are solid 3DS titles(1st party AND 3rd party). Most importantly. MAKE SENSE. No Babbling this time.

Most excited to watch: Sony, Nintendo, MS
Most curious to watch: Nintendo, Sony, MS

EVILDEAD3602435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

LMAO @ people downplaying Micrsoft's they shouldn't even show

The 360 is going on it's 7th year and Micrsoft still has the biggest blockbusters on their stage.

I'll take Black Ops 2 over ANY multiplat on anyone elses stage. Just look at the fact that the PS3's #1 selling game every single year is the latest Call of Duty game..but which stage do those fans have to watch it on every year.

No exclusive on ANY system come close to being a big as Halo 4..but now you add Bungies MMO shooter and please tell me why MS is running scared of anyone show.

Even Forza Horizon may end up being the driving game of the year.

Kinect this year has the potential to have 6 huge titles and will dominate the casuals unobstructed unless Wii-U pulls out an amazing showing.

Nobody still has an answer for Xbox Live or XBLAs sheer amount of unique titles that drop every year.

Add the Windows 8 functionality, Kinect Skype, The Kinect enabled browser etc..followed by the elephant in the room Xbox 720 and MS show will be hated by the usual haters and adored by the mainsteam press.

At the end of the day, Sony's strength lies in the announcement of one game...Last Guardian. If this game misses E3 like last year the dissapointment will be deafening. (even if it makes Tokyo game show). Last of Us and God of War are the two other huge ones. But, it will remain to be seen if Sony chooses to save it's biggest suprises for Vita (like the inevitable COD Vita). If Micrsoft fails to show 720, I'm sure Sony will jump at the chance to be first.'s good to hear the rumors of their being two tablets that can now be used with it. But it NEEDS a standardized controller in the box..If we are using Wiimotes as primary controllers still expect the excitement to subide quickly. But lets face HD Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros at E3 will still be must see TV.

IMO Sony has to be favored in terms if suprises and gaming media..Micrsoft will have the biggest impact in terms of blockbuster titles and Mainstream media..and Nintendo is the sleeper as Wii-u could have something up it's sleeve that blows E3 away.

I'm calling it..Best E3 ever up to this point..until next year PS4 vs. Xbox 720.


jeseth2434d ago

C'mon Evil ...

Gamers want to play games. They don't buy a 360 to skype, or web browse on a Kinect. Microsoft has been letting down its "Gamers" for years now. They made an abortion of Fable which was my favorite "Xbox" game. I bought a 360 just for Fable 2. Since then Fable has just fallen apart. Other than that its the same old Halo, Gears, Forza.

Touting multiplats and timed exclusive COD crap is embarrassing at this point.

Sony and Nintendo are and have been offering more to their gamers since their beginning. MS took a huge market share and since then have sat on their money grubbing a$$es and catered to the casual fan instead of making great games.

I'm really excited for E3 too, but most of my excitement is for what Sony and Nintendo are going to show. I am waiting to be impressed by MS again, its been a while.

EVILDEAD3602434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

'Gamers want to play games. They don't buy a 360 to skype, or web browse on a Kinect. Microsoft has been letting down its "Gamers" for years now'

LMAO @ pretending I said ANYBODY buys a 360 for Skype.

Micrsoft hasnt been letting down 360 hardcore gamers..they only let down the console elitists or fankids who pretend like yourself that the 360 hasnt had a game since Fable

Look heres the truth. Micrsoft NEVER has to impress the usual suspects online at E3.

The hypocrisy is that you bash Micrsoft for releasing new iterations of their biggest hardcore franchise like Halo, Gears, and Forza, ut look below and your DEFENDING Sony for being called out for doing exactly the same thing.

On this post your PRAISING Nintendo then below your BASHING them because someone is a fan of Nintendo and they are calling out Sony.

Classic..fankid antics

Once again, All MS needs to do for a great show is show the biggest blockbusters on stage, show off the best content Xbox Live, XBLA, and Kinect that is all that matters.

Heres another fact..ALL 3 companies show multiplatform games on their stage. I'd rather be MS who has the #1 selling game on the PS3 on stage at the Micrsoft conference than Star Trek or NBA 2K12 played with Move.


RedDead2434d ago

Microsoft will open with the new Call of Duty...again

lociefer2434d ago

well it really depends on you as a gamer, if you love casual stuff then its microsoft for you, expect alot of kinect games / integrations, and they will throw hardcore gamers some bones (halo 4 / cod / maybe a new ip) , then we got nintendo, if you reallllyy dig gimmicky stuff or still like the stuff nintendo dish out then this is for you, and if you're all about games then sony wins hands down

jeseth2433d ago


You're conveniently picking apart specific points form two different arguments.

And then immaturely call me a fankid. Big man behind that keyboard you are.

My post below is a totally different conversation where I'm defending Sony and MS for the sequels they release every 2 to 3 years (sometimes longer) vs. someone who is defending Nintendo which is the most guilty company on the planet for releasing and banking on 2 or 3 franchises multiple times a year/annually(Mario,Zelda, Metroid) and never releases big new IPs the way Sony and MS have over the years.

Sony MS releasing sequels to popular franchises very other year or more is totally different than a Mario game every 3 months. But apparently you missed that.

And why can't someone like and be critical of something? In your opinion I should blindly praise Nintendo at every pass or dislike them. THe truth is I used to only play Nintendo, grew up on NES,SNES, N64 alongside Genesis and PSOne. But IMO ever since N64 Nintendo has been beaten by Sony and recently by MS in terms of Games, Hardware, and Features. Thats not really hating on Nintendo, its the truth. Sony and MS's multiplats that don't show up on Wii are better than most Wii games, nevermind exclusives.

Way to twist what I said to come out with some kind of insulting post.

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Y_51502435d ago

For me, that's how it is every year since I started watching E3!

Akuma-2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Well video game consoles are mostly about playing video games and we know when it comes to Sony they deliver a lot of quality games for all types.

I'd say e3 belongs to Sony. Nintendo already unveiled their new console which most have already seen. Nintendo will have a lot of third party games that are on ps3 and xbox or soon to be released. E3 is Sonys

ronin4life2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

You aren't factoring in the plethora of unannounced Nintendo games or the large Japanese lineup bound to be localized. They have a lot to show on the software side for both the wiiu and the 3ds. This isn't going to just be bout the wiius hardware.

While I think e3 is Nintendos on a personal note, I do know for a fact that Sony vs Nintendo is much closer than many seem to think.

Almir9082435d ago

ronin4life what do you expect Nintendo to announce? It is most likely either Mario, Zelda, smash bros, or Kirby. Like it is every generation with nintendo.

ronin4life2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

So? What do you expect Sony to announce?
Most likely killzone or little big planet... same as every year.
Nintendo gets a lot of flack for doing the same thing everyone else does. So, its okay if the vita is full of ps3 games, but Nintendo can't make a brand new game in a respected series?

You are also forgetting the amount of flexibility of each individual title: kirby mass attack, epic yarn and return to dreamland are ENTIRELY different games. Yet, uncharted 1, 2, and 3 and GA all play identical to one another. New super mario, mario galaxy and sm3dl are also varied enough, which cannot be said for resistance 1, 2, 3 and FS.

And lastly, when I said unannounced Nintendo games, I meant 1st and 3rd party exclusives.

Hisiru2435d ago

Really good answer

*clap clap clap*

srcBFMVBMTH2435d ago


"Nintendo gets a lot of flack for doing the same thing everyone else does."

If Sony released Killzone 7, Uncharted 8, or Infamous 9. I'm pretty sure they'd get a lot of "Flack". Lol

"Most likely killzone or little big planet... same as every year."

The difference is that they announce NEW IP's EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

"Yet, uncharted 1, 2, and 3 and GA all play identical to one another."

And all the Mario Karts, Legend of Zeldas, Metroids, and Super Smash Bros. etc. don't? lol

jeseth2434d ago


So 4 Killzones in 7 years = the almost 200 games Mario has appeared in since NES (not including arcade appearances before NES)? THere isn't a character more oversaturated than Mario. Are you crazy? Nintendo lives and dies off of Mario and Link. Take them away and Nintendo dies. SOny could lose its top 2 IPs and still be relevant. When was the last time the Wii had an amazing Exclusive that didin't have anything to do with the Mario, Zelda, or Metroidworlds?

Yet you knock Uncharted and Resistance. Those were new IPs THIS GEN .... not a dead horse being beaten since the 80's. Aside from Uncharted and Resistance, Sony has put out LBP, inFamous, Heavy Rain, Heavenly Sword, Folkore, and Demon's Souls as new IPs THIS GEN that sack on top of the continuations of past IPs form Gens before (Killzone, Ratchet & Clank, GT, Warhawk, God of War, etc.).

Sony has always had the game lineup, ever since PSone.

I grew up on NES and SNES, I am dying for Nintendo to win me back. But once again, the Wii U is a lackluster machine that can be matched by SOny and MS's 7 year old Tech. THats embarrassing, quite frankly.

You make fun of Sony for announcing sequels to new IPs from this gen (annual relesases at best, at that) yet Mario making an appearance in 5-10 games a year is not an issue.

Nintendo needs NEW IPs. Mario and Link need a rest. They've been carrying Nintendo long enough.

Almir9082433d ago


Sony has been announcing new IP's for a while. Aren't we forgetting LBP Karting, Playstation battle royal, the Last of Us, and the Last Gaurdian? Of course not you would just find a way of ranting on Sony. It's true all Nintendo can pretty much release is Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, or Kirby. Those are the only franchises people care about on the nintendo. What is this like their 200th mario game since the release? And it's always the same story (Peach being captured and you save her). You also say they release lbp every year yet there are only two this generation and yet you defend Super mario galaxy when there are two in the franchise as well. What was the last big exclusive on the wii's platform the very last time? Oh right Zelda...You see where I'm getting at? This is all nintendo announces and you fanboys get an orgasm each time they announce a mario or zelda game for like the 20th time. And when they do announce a new mario or Zelda you people like to pretend that nintendo wins all the E3's just because of these franchises. It's kind of annoying. Same with the 360 and Halo and same with the PS3 and Uncharted.

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Beast_Master2435d ago

Sony usually wins, but I hate how they keep showing their hand the weeks leading up to E3. I wish they cared about "winning" E3, but they don't.

Just imagine if they could have waited to show and annouce GOW:Asent, LBP racing and Super Smash Playstation bros.

Lucreto2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Sony have a lot to show and between 90 and 120 minutes to show it. They can't talk about it all and show everything and expect to get though anything.

They saved a few minutes announceing those games. We seen gameplay that saved another few minutes so a brief mention and some live gameplay could save 10 minutes to announce something else.

Disccordia2435d ago

Unfortunately those 10 minutes will be spent showing off a move game nobody cares about. A game like God of War is more worthy of a big e3 reveal than medieval moves imo.

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TekoIie2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Oh its you.... I guess i wont take your comment too seriously....

ON TOPIC: Halo 4 would most likely be a win for most 360 gamers since it is what made the console big after all.

TLOU need i say more lol? will be awesome to see the gameplay for this game! Hope we get to see Killzone Vita since its my favourite FPS and to be able to play that wherever i am would be awesome :D

_Aarix_2435d ago

oh hi tentonsoftube, didn't recognize your bias with the new avatar. Nice!

Walker2434d ago

Sony with The Last of Us . of curse baby !

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Shok2435d ago

Nintendo. They ARE showing off a new console. The only way they could lose is if they completely drop the ball and it ends up like Sony's 2006 E3 conference.

But I the end I don't care who people consider who will "win", cause I'll be enjoying all 3, even Microsoft's..... Microsoft's cofnerences are hilarious.

PopRocks3592435d ago

I'd say this belongs to either Sony or Nintendo, but I'm leaning toward Nintendo since much of the curiosity surrounding the Wii U is expected to be rectified by the completion of the conference.

Microsoft's past few conferences can lick my nuts. If this one is all Kinect and Halo 4 again, then fuck it.

MrMister2435d ago

Xbox 360 has had Halo 3, Reach, Anniversary, and now 4. When are people on xbox going to demand more from MS, other than the same crap every year. I loved Halo 1 on xbox 1, but after that it was clear to me that they were milking the franchise.

mike1up2434d ago

Well said, it is Nintendo's conference to lose: new console, new controller, new network, and new direction.

Ben_Grimm2435d ago

Nintendo will dominate E3. They have a lot of unasnwered questions that need to be resolved.

Sony and MS...meh

TekoIie2435d ago

How is Sony and MS "meh"?

I know seeing the Wii U's features is going to be awesome and i really want to see some games running on it and how the controller can be used in those games but that doesnt mean the other 2 should be overlooked.

Sony and MS have some brilliant things to bring to their consoles and i am looking forward to seeing how much extra value my consoles get :)

Ben_Grimm2435d ago

as of right now we already know the games Sony is bringing out. Unless they totally surprise us with something new that no one saw coming then Sony's showing will be "meh".

Its rumored that MS will only focus on apps. As much as I am a believer in HBOGo just having apps is a big "meh".

Nintendo has a new console and nothing has been officially seen or spec'd. Very exciting to see what that machine can do and what great Nintendo games will come for it.

KwietStorm2435d ago

How can you say they have a lot of unanswered questions and they will dominate in the same breath? That means Nintendo's showings is complete uncertainty at the moment. What if those questions remain unanswered? And no we don't know all the games Sony will show, because it hasn't happened yet. So many people keep saying new hardware = dominate the show. What it really means is they have the most to prove, and it could go one way or the other. None of us know anything right now, and either Sony or Nintendo could completely bomb.

Ben_Grimm2435d ago

"How can you say they have a lot of unanswered questions and they will dominate in the same breath?"

Easy, i just did. And its that uncertainty that will make them dominate. Everyone will be on pins and needles wondering what they have in store. Its such a departure for Nintendo to have a system that can actually compete with its rivals. Not since the SNES has Nintendo been in the race.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2435d ago

Sony always wins in my eyes. Microsoft abandoned hardcore and Nintendo doesn't really have any franchises I like. Though I will say that Nintendo at least does cater very well to their fan base.

CoolBeansRus2434d ago

Yep. These fanboys just don't see the real benefit of not being bias. I like watching all the conferences, excited for every one of them. I hope they all do good and push for advancements :D