FIFA 13 - Screenshots released

EA Sports has released a collection of new screenshots for its upcoming soccer video game FIFA 13.

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coolmaster2341d ago

i remember sweet times when fifa went from 2d to 3d. i was blown away by this. now when i see recycling every year i am so disappointed by the fact that one of my favourite franchises is dying. but i still hope one day fifa as i knew it for years will be back.

listenkids2341d ago

What's your definition of dying?

KingPin2341d ago

i think by dying he means lack of innovation.

Ezio-Auditore002341d ago

Wasn't this confirmed for ps vita???

listenkids2341d ago

Oh I got his point, but lack to find where it comes from , it's only very recently that FIFA became king by a mile and each game gets better. 13 will rake in sales and be an infinitely better game, through trial and error.