PS Vita Everybodys Golf, Modnation Racers or Reality Fighters for £11.99 !!

The recent PS Store update didn't seem to have much for PS Vita owners, but on further inspection these three games are on for an amazing price of £11.99

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PirateThom3527d ago

I've already got Everybody's Golf and Modnation Racers earmarked... hope they do these price drops for first party games over the coming weeks.

kingdavid3526d ago

Got Everybody's golf. Nice little sale.

usedandreviewed3526d ago

Me too! Didn't see this coming though, and no official announcement from Sony?

MasterCornholio3526d ago

Sony should have steam like sales for the Vita because that would convince a lot of people to buy one. Also a price drop on the memory would help as well.


usedandreviewed3526d ago

A steam type sale would be good and I can't agree more, the price of memory cards at the moment is way off the scale.

g-nome3526d ago

Now that is what the price of digital downloads should be.
Everybodys Golf is a sure bet , so much fun and can get really tough. Even Tiger would be proud to play it.

usedandreviewed3526d ago

Agreed! At £12 a pop, I'm sure most full priced digital titles will do a lot better. Just need the memory card pricing to come down.