A Plethora of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Information Revealed; Sandbox Jet Combat, Choices and more

Black Ops 2 may have gotten off to a rough start but now Treyarch claims that the new features might make it the next Modern Warfare.

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moho-foe2339d ago

I call it "Future Duty"

AtomicGerbil2338d ago

While all the new suggested bells and whistles are very welcome, if they don't sort out the lag and hit detection then what's the point?

Re4er2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

That seems to be a problem with a lot of shooters these days.

SuperbVillain2338d ago

The hit detection in MW3 is fucking horrible.Im disgusted by some of the kills even I get...I should have been dead many times

ambientFLIER2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

There is nothing wrong with the hit detection. it's the kill cams that are lagging and make it seem that way.

WeskerChildReborned2338d ago

Even though their's a 4v4 for zombies, i hope we can still do an 8 player co op.

DasTier2338d ago

I had looked up any info on this game and expected it to be a carbon copy of the previous versions, but this sounds ... interesting. I might have to keep an eye on this.

FunkMacNasty2338d ago

Wow. "tactical choices" and "ethical descisions" that affect the game outcome, along with sandbox vehicle combat?

I won't hold my breath for Multiplayer until there's more news on that front, but i gotta say (and I'm a bit surprised to hear myself say it), but the campaign sounds like it will be awesome!

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