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Moentjers2366d ago

You are right, they are choosing the easy money (kinect, milking, wii, apps...).

ShaunCameron2366d ago

It's a result of rising development costs due to more sophisticated and expensive consoles and graphics engines. It's not that they can't think outside the box. It's just that they're not prepared to take a big financial loss should that (creative) game flop. Especially the not-so-well-off developers and publishers.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2365d ago

Thanks, I have been saying the same thing. Being a Nintendo fan, I am very aware of money's effect on the gaming industry. People yell at Nintendo for not doing the things that Sony and Microsoft do- but then don't think of "WHY". Nintendo does not have as much money- but that's why they take "risks" or "make gimmicks (as some say)."

The average company is going to try to copy "what is hot" before trying to forge their own way/deaths. Just like when Disney makes a new cartoon- ever notice all of the fake/ cheap cartoons, of similar name; that flood the store DVD shelves right before?

Most companies have big dreams but without money- it's hard to make it happen.