BNBGAMING’s Top “Oh Sh**!” Moments

It can be an exclamation of purest joy or utmost terror, unbridled surprise or sheer excitement; whatever the occasion, “Oh Sh**!” marks truly excellent and only the most memorable moments in gaming.

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firefoxprime2338d ago

Lets see....

1. First boss battle against the MASTER HAND (N64-SSBros)
2. Boss battle against Sephiroth(PS2-KH1)
3. Fighting Super Buu with only KaioKen Goku(PS2-DBZ:B2)
4. Challenging any elite fours/gym leaders with weaker pokemon(all main pokemon games) hahaha

NinjaByNight2338d ago

Agreed on facing off against Sephiroth! God I hated that Coliseum!

glennco2338d ago

just play BF3 for half an hour