What Microsoft must do to prove itself at E3

XMNR: Microsoft will make its 2012 E3 presentation on Monday, June 4 and, while I could write about what the Xbox 360 maker should do to “win” the biggest games conference in the United States, I would rather take a look at what it must do to prove itself to gamers and the rest of the games industry.

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SleazyChimp2342d ago

I wouldn't piss on Kinect if it where on fire.

hennessey862342d ago

I'm not kinects biggest fan, but your attitude stinks. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean someone else won't. Kinect has sold what 10 million plus+ so someone must like it.

SleazyChimp2341d ago

@hennessey Maybe those 10 million users would piss on it but the other 40 million or so of us are sick of hearing about it every year. Giant elephants and funky Kinect circus acts are not what most people want to see at E3. 3yrs of ignoring your base tends to lead to "stinky" attitudes!

MultiConsoleGamer2342d ago

Have something other than Kinect, Halo and Call of Duty.

abzdine2342d ago

They will start their conference with Black Ops 2 gameplay as always. Boring to death their conference and 80% of what they are showing is lies.

I have nothing against them but i think they lie too much.

GiggMan2342d ago

Don't agree with the lies part but kicking off the conference with Black Ops 2 is probably a given though.

ronin4life2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

They never lie.
If they did, then maybe their conferences would be more interesting...^_^;

Concepts, not bullshit.
Not a single one of those things were ever confirmed features or products.

If we want to talk lies, how about promising exclusive content for ps3 game purchases,only to have it retraced weeks before launch? Or stating release windows for games that they know won't release as stated?(little big planet 2, which Sony said would be fall that year but mm knew wouldn't be ready until spring next year. Or sorcery, which just finally came out after 2 years of showcasing.)

abzdine2342d ago

GiggMan: Project Milo, Star Wars Kinect, the Kinect possibilities are all lies, I remember 2 years ago they showed a cool feature where they were painting things and making some fun shapes (elephant if i remember right).

What about the skateboard game where it is possible to scan everything and use it in the game ?

Nothing but BS !

abzdine2342d ago

ronin4life : at least these games came out ;)
Concepts no one cares, if i buy a device it's to use it for something interesting. What are the concepts good for ?

Remember this: ??


ronin4life2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Like I said: showing concepts is not the same as lying.

Saying your concepts are real products or representations of actual products, like the star wars kinect crap you just showed off(did anyone really expect that to turn out well at any point?) or the pre rendered killzone vid sony showed at the start of this gen is lying. So there is one point for you.

Overall however, while Microsoft has done very little right(or at all) here lately, they aren't lying.
What they are being honest about may be crap, but they aren't lying about it...^_^; all honesty, I don't really know why I'm even arguing about this, so I'm gonna drop it now.

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Farsendor12342d ago

that is the way it seems and when they do get an exclusive game like alan wake it ends up getting on pc anyways.

GraveLord2342d ago

At least show 1 new core IP that is not timed-exclusive or a PC port.

Chuk52342d ago

Their console is still selling.
The kinect is selling.
They really don't have to prove anything.

Next-gen hardware is a different story.

mcstorm2342d ago

I agree with what you have just said. The 360 is selling well and Microsoft have proven they can compete in the console market. The 360 has become my main console this gen even though i own all 3 i still use the 360 the most and for all 3rd party games.

People said that microsoft had no chance in the console market but they have shown they are here to stay and imo they have helped to kick the console market back to being about out doing each other as last gen was all about sony and nothing else really. I think the ps3 would of been a very poor console in terms of what it offers if it was not for ms pushing the 360 the way they have and this has now made sony sit up and start pushing the ps3 in the right way as it was a mess for the 1st few years.

I hope that next gen sony keep europe as its strong hold nintendo gets japan and ms keep the usa as i have been excited about games and consoles this gen which we lost last gen. Im not saying ms are doing everything right but thats the same for all 3 but this gen more than the last has given us gamers more reason to own all 3 consoles where last gen and the gen before it did not.

Pixel_Enemy2342d ago

Sure, coasting by sounds like a good plan /s

TekoIie2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

If they havnt proven themselves already then what do you think they'll do when they prove themselves???

Who the hell wrote this FFS? The 360 is MS's first true console and considering Sony had a giant fanbase ready to jump on the PS3 they've done pretty damn good job.

GamingPerson2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

So you like that?

What if they talk up kinect 2 in the beginning next gen? You want that?

I am glad they are not leading world wide. Some people need more hardcore games.

This is what your mech games have come to.

to this

meanwhile on pc..

mayberry2342d ago

I play my 360 occasionally, and I could absolutely care less how much they sell! But I do care about AAA games! And the best AAA games on any system are undeniably exclusive games. So that's what I want for my 360. If there are none at e3, I will have no other choice but to, at the very least, not re-new my live, and eventually box my 360 up for storage. Sony has a ton of new games out now, loving "starhawk"! And years worth of AAA titles coming too! MS has had some horrible showings at e3 in recent years, imho.

Myst2342d ago

Agreed since the move to more Kinect stuff things have been going down a bit at least for me. Now granted it looks like some interest things can be done with Kinect but so far I haven't really seen much that makes me want to jump up and buy said game. I would like to see more balance though something for everybody.

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