IGN Endless Ocean AU Review

"I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in the boardroom when this concept was being pitched to Nintendo who, I'm sure, ate it up immediately. This is the gaming equivalent of going on safari, going fishing, going swimming. There's no overriding objective that carries you through the whole game, apart from collating data on the 214 different species of aquatic, seaside and mythical life. You swim around, barely interacting with the environment; a passive observer with a camera, an underwater pen, a porpoise companion and a desire to see what's just around the bend," writes IGN AU.

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resonate4671d ago

Looks awesome. I'd probably get bored of it pretty fast though unless there was some kind of cool unlockable... Say a spear gun? :)

wiizy4670d ago

nice relaxing games.. when you need to relax