Exclusive: Saints Row in-game footage

The Saint's Row demo has just arrived at OXM towers. And now you can see for yourself just how THQ's hoodland shooter is shaping up. Taken from the opening section of the game, the demo allows you to customise a gangster and take him around a couple of miles of the open city.

Schmitty076202d ago

Now give us it over Xbox Live.

RealDoubleJ6202d ago

it might be an exclusve demo to the magazine just like Timeshift

Gamer136202d ago

This is 1 of my most wanted game till GTA next gen arrive next year october.

schnodder6201d ago

we should have all the demos .. why exclusive to a mag??

shotty6201d ago

Because before xbox 360 people bought the magazines just for the demos. Now with the demos coming on the marketplace for free there is no reason to wait and pay money for it in a magazine. So by keeping exclusive demos some magazines might still sell

schnodder6201d ago

he take's a hit from da bong !!!




a bong in a game!

(now lets just hope republicans dont hear about it and censor it out before release...)

FamoAmo6200d ago

How does the trailer look? I can't view it at work. From the screens I have seen it looks way better than any GTA thats for sure. BONG? Thats tight! When is this due out?