Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend: Operation Shieldwall Happening May 25th - 28th, 2012

The latest Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend taking place on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC will be happening from May 25th at 6pm PST to May 28th at 5am PST.

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zeal0us2341d ago

Wish they would stop giving these same old dull operations.
Kill X 1-3mil times. Promote X amount of characters. Need something more like this.
Operation Tuchanka (couldn't think of a good name)

Reaper Force is trying to take over Tuchanka. Its time for Krogans to defend their homeworld.

Community Goal
-Get 1million melee kills (any enemy not just one sole type)
-Kill 3million enemies (any kind not just one sole type)

Squad Goal
-Get 3 or more Gold extractions on Tuchanka

XP*(+15%) will be given to players who play a Krogan character on Tuchanka. Full squad of Krograns will get bonus XP*(+25%) and bonus credit* (+5k for Bronze, +10k for Silver, +15k for Gold). If the host leaves and wave restarts bonus credit and xp WON'T be awarded (too prevent glitching the event).

Upon completion players will be
rewarded N7 Victory Packs* for completing the Community Goal. Those who
complete Squad Goal will be rewarded N7 Commendation Pack*.

*Victory Packs now contains 1 gold rare weapon and small chance
for ultra rare weapon.

*Commendation Packs nows contain two weapons, 1 promotional weapon and 1 ultra rare weapon.

*Bonus credit won't be awarded till the end of the match and not for wave 3,6 and 10.

*Bonus XP won't be awarded till the end of the match.

Allowen2341d ago

It is cool to have such events and they are trying to make some thing new and easier this time .

I liked this :
"- Special Circumstance: Due to the failure of Operation Silencer, more banshees will spawn with Reaper enemies and might also spawn with other enemies!"

The MP coop on ME3 is so simple but yet so addicting !
I will once again stop playing other games for a while so I can participate this event.

kent800820072341d ago

Promote 3 characters = Promote 3 classes?

zeal0us2341d ago

Yeah seeing as all the characters in one class resets when you promote.