Crysis 2 MaLDoHD Texture Pack - New Screenshots from the latest version

DSOGaming writes: "Modder MaLDo has released some new screenshots for the upcoming version of his amazing Crysis 2 Texture Pack."

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kasasensei2342d ago

Beautiful, but I don't play benchmarks.

bahabeast2342d ago

crysis 2 is a really boring game IMO

LackTrue4K2342d ago

"so are we here to play games, or look at textures?! the game is boring (like most people on top said) and on the ps3, the lag online was 5HIT!!"

Tachyon_Nova2342d ago

I hate how his textures are always so lifeless and plain. They don't particularly realistic looking apart from there resolution, but they aren't artistic pleasing either.

ninjahunter2342d ago

Texture pack from 1 modder, Fixes broken tesselation, POM visual blemishes and has zero performance impact, One person. Goes to show how much love Crytek is showing to their PC followers.

hiredhelp2342d ago

Goes to show how much love Crytek is showing to their PC followers.

Yeh i mean there guy from crytek cant think top my head his name had a breif talk with someone actually he stated that they dropped the ball where PC concerned. Because they wanted to make sure they got it right on consoles guess.
Doesnt mean we got a port thankfully crytek not into ports witch one the reasons i love them no they sadly added in dx11 and high res at later date witch we had to do, However as he was spokent too he did make a stateent saying this time we going back making PC First Witch is what crytek known for in the past obviously.
So if this is true witch i hope tis im sure it is by the indication showing what kinda graphics options we gonna have plus one they done they keeping secret about i think this could be good for PC gamers.

These mods just show how much more can be done with there engine i got feeling theyve not even open the lid on that engine yet.

john22342d ago

Yeap. IMO, we'll see the full potential of CE3 when next-gen consoles hit the market