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Dungeon crawlers date back to the golden ages of PC gaming. The genre has lost steam over the last ten years due to the style of Western RPGs such as the Elder Scrolls and Fable. MMO's have also contributed to the change in PC gaming. The greatest dungeon crawler of them all was Diablo 2. Being played by thousands of people to this day, Diablo 2 stood far and ahead as the official "classic" of PC games. Many people had given up hope for a third one due to the changing of the times, but alast Diablo 3 was announced and released, and its fantastic.

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Kiriel2366d ago

Examiner proving that they cater to the casual crowd? D3 does not deserve 10 out of 10. Period.

chak_2366d ago

casual crowd? They didn't make it to hell/inferno I guess.

It's nothing casual except normal mode and maybe nightmare.

Technical issues aside, it does deserve a huge score.

Kiriel2366d ago

Yup, it's a great game, but they've given it the 'streamline' treatment. Hardcore fans are very disappointed.