A few more Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Wii details

Go Nintendo, January 15th, 2008:

Coming from Game Informer…

- Swing Wiimote to attack with lightsaber (direction matters, but motion is not 1:1)
- motion controls for force powers
- push Nunchuck forward while holding a trigger to use Force Push
- full motion control details are still being worked out

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ChickeyCantor4667d ago

I dont get it, there is a software company who actually made software letting the Wii mote be really close to 1:1 bad they didnt used it.

=/ ....they spend 10times more on a 360 or ps3 game to develope but cant put some extra money into the game to make a good control scheme. Blegh

LanRanger4667d ago

There's a huge problem with 1:1 motion. In the game if you take a massive swing at Vader's head and he blocks your character's lightsaber stops instantly. In real life, due to lack of resistance, your swing continues unimpeded. Now you are massively out of sync with the game, and getting things to match up again is nearly impossible.

ChickeyCantor4667d ago

they are the developers...they should think of a system allowing Freemotion to be a realistic thing.
they should do more research on the Wii hardware.

LanRanger4667d ago

The problem that I listed (and it's not the only one) is not one that can be solved by more research.

ChickeyCantor4666d ago

i know what you are talking about, but you can implent freemotion in many ways

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wiizy4667d ago

nice.. cause its control and gameplay that matters as long as the game looks good... and wii has that in spaces.