“It’s Done When It’s Done” Didn’t Apply to Diablo III

StickSkills says, "As a follow-up to one of Blizzard’s most highly touted creations, the expectations for the third entry have been supremely steep. Diablo, which many people still enjoy today, was revolutionary for its time. That time, though, wasn’t exactly yesterday. Games obviously inspired by the click-happy RPG have added much to the recipe, so for Diablo III to reclaim the crown, it had to really be something big. More of the same would probably do most of the job, but in classic Blizzard fashion, the developer took an entire decade to craft a full-bodied experience with an expansive campaign, deep RPG system, solid multiplayer infrastructure, and endless supply of loot. The problem? Diablo III did not ship as a complete product."

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Kamikaze1352366d ago

Lol it didn't apply at all

Lucretia2366d ago

blizzard started making Diablo 3 right after D2. then they stopped to make WOW.

12 years later they were looking through their garbage can and found the old diablo 3 file from year 2000

they figured "hey lets just publish it this year (2012)

so they just published it unfinished, dated, stripped content that wasnt finished like pvp, skills, story, and was like Sweeeeet cash time!!!!

if blizzard actually tried when they made D3 then they are the worst company ever because this was obviously rushed, and not even thought out.

sad cuz i wanted this game to be so good :/

Baka-akaB2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Can't totally agree with the level of harshness there . They deserves a wake up call , but an half assed blizzard game is still better than everything , with the exception of a few other publishers .

Gran Touring2366d ago

I wouldn't say Diablo III is half assed, but it's pretty clear that it's not finished. One would be naive to think Blizzard doesn't have major patches and even expansions planned for D3.

Lionheart3772366d ago

Yeah, it's really a case of being incomplete rather than half-assed. I truly believe what's in the current package is strong, it's just the missing pieces that I take issue with.

h311rais3r2366d ago

The game is good. Too many people ha their expectations set way too high. I personally like it much better than 1 &2

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Patriots_Pride2366d ago

I said this in another article - people hate Activision when it comes to COD but praise ACTI when it Blizzard related.

Dont give me that Blizzard has freedom crap cause Activsion is Activsion no matter if its BUNGIE or who who ever.

Persistantthug2366d ago

nuff said, really.....


Baka-akaB2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Why the surprise ? It was obvious the second they said pvp would be a patch :s .

Half the interest of the previous game as a post launch patch ? Come on .

And that's without getting into an advanced debate over the balance or total lack of , for a tackled on pvp

Lucretia2366d ago

basically this game is a beta from the year 2000.

The graphics alone are rivaled only by diablo 2......which is sad lol.

the game is so dissapointing sigh.

oh well, hope everyone is enjoying it for the crap it is. sad about that guy who died playing this. not sure how the heck you can play this game more than 20 hours

Twilightx72366d ago

"The graphics alone are rivaled only by diablo 2......which is sad lol."

Bye bye credibility, you don't have it anymore (did you even have any to start with?)

dktxx22366d ago

The Diablo 3 game that was in development in the early 2000's was cancelled. The one that was released was developed from the ground up separately from that.

Captain Qwark 92366d ago

i know that ill prob get disagrees like crazy here and blizzard fans will defend this to hell but......

1. always online for the sp portion. people b*cth about online passes but this is okay??

2. locking out a huge feature of the game with a promise of release later? wtf?

3. taking 10+ years to develop a game with little new features?? wtf were they doing. at least when uncharted barely changed between sequels they were only a couple years apart. ten years though.....really?

im not saying that d3 isnt a great game but with the amount of time they had it should be more, it should be complete, and no matter how good of a dev you are, online only sp is criminal

Farsendor12366d ago

clearly blizzard isn't as great as people make them out to be.

MeatAbstract2366d ago

Blizzard were sneaky little buggers regarding it being online. A portion of the game is actually on their servers, which means the game is almost impossible to crack.

Last night I logged on to play for a few hours only to find I couldn't due to maintenance. Seriously? There should of been an offline mode. But no,, I paid for a game I can't access 24/7. Can get annoying.

The Blizzard fans will defend this to the death of course. I joined many on the forums in regards to this and the fans stood up in defense of Blizzard and calling us all kids for complaining. Blizz fans are some of the worst.

adorie2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

It's not Blizzard fans, it's WoW fans.

They will defend Blizz to the end and most haven't even been around during the days when D1 or D2 were in their prime, heck I was playing the original Warcraft which was an OK game to me, back then.

Blizzard didn't even know we would create currency out of their items, imo, it just happened and even more so when LoD came out.

I guess my point is, I have been playing their games for a long time now and I don't see the need to defend them. PVP I won't be taking part in, unless it's like D2 where you can toggle it to kill someone in your game. That was PvP done right. Not an e-penis arena.
PvP SHOULD have been in the game, day 1.

SandwichHammock2366d ago

so this is a sequel yet you can't play as a demon slaying werewolf? wha'appen? ;)

DethWish2366d ago

And then says he doesn't even have a pc that can play the game heh..

Lionheart3772366d ago

Once again, not about the game's quality - I've heard it's fantastic. This is an outsider's opinion on how the missing pieces and online missteps can have a negative impact on the industry.

DethWish2366d ago

I only played the beta and i hated it.

I still dislike how someone can say a game (not just about d3) isn't done when s/he hasn't even tried it.

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