New videos of Super Smash Bros. Brawl

01.16.2008 - Wii Japan has added a video preview and two new commercials for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The video preview covers a lot of the stuff that the Smash DOJO has shown off already though. The preview covers the basics from how to fight, the stages, items, Pokemon, Assist Trophies, mini games, online functions to a few other things.

Words: Destructoid

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Intrepid4669d ago

This game is impossible to resist.

ChickeyCantor4668d ago

2 disagreed
....oops i said that outloud i might lose another bubble for that.

I agree with ya with all that nostalgic stuff its hard to resist.

felidae4669d ago

i don't get it!

why is this game so famous? looks like a fckn kiddie game

ChickeyCantor4668d ago

it may be colourful but its a damn deep fighting game.
And with all that is it a kiddie game?

Jikla4668d ago

It's good because you get to kick other Nintendo characters asses. It's kinda one in it's kind where you get to use many Nintendo characters to beat another one up, and you should test out the previous games if you haven't tested supersmash. I hope that you find the fun and joy the other smashers find in these games.

- Jikla

Guwapo774668d ago

The first Wii game I'm actually looking forward to purchasing. This is something I've wanted for many years, like Mario and Luigi throwin' da hands.

Keyser4668d ago

that looks like a kick a$$ game!! I can't pull myself to buy a Wii but give respect where respect is due!!

A lot of other fighting games should incorporate some the stuff happening in that video. Props Nintendo.