If I Could Change One Thing About The PS Vita

If I could change one thing about the Vita it would definitely be...

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JoGam2341d ago

So for people wanting to know what he would change without reading the article, its the game slot.


I just faced that problem that made all my days angry: The PSVita is damn fragile. Even that I handle it with extreme maniacal care, it is a magnet for dust and smudges. Now The silver color on the game card slot is beginning to fade away and guess what? I only opened once to insert my only physical game which is Uncharted. the second I opened the game slot, particles of the game slot flew in teh air and it looks now like it got a scratch or a hit. That really doesn't look cute for 300 EUROS device (more expensive than 300$). Add to that the low battery life and almiost non existant sound. I am really going to sell it before its price drops and gonna be loosing in all the aspects. I am considering to buy another PS Vita when Sony really fixes those problems and bring GAMES and APPS to the VITA. Until then, I am trying to sell it. By the way, where can I contact Sony about those problems so they can take considerations about them when they manufacture their next version?

Garuda332341d ago

true!last time,open whit a fork!

MrMister2341d ago

Thank u sir. I always try my hardest to screw a "journalist" out of his hits if the article topic seems to be only mildly interesting.

black9112340d ago

3G to 4G since its unlimeted and come up with a reasonable 4G yearly price for online gaming and people will go crazy. It will destroy the ipod craze. Everyone will have one on the bus.

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moho-foe2341d ago

It would be the ability to play PS1 and PS2 games, end of story...

gorebago2341d ago

a port of shadow hearts 1 to 3 would be awesome on the vita

mushroomwig2341d ago

Talk about a first world problem.

Nutsack2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

If I wanted something to change, it would have been:

1. using SD memcards, the talk about preventing piracy is overal nonsense, this starts with an OS that isn't vulnerable, not the memcard. Its just a cheap way from Sony to earn a lot of cash on overpriced memorycards. Same way they did with the memstick in the PSP.

2. adding a HDMI out port! This system is so powerful it should be able to output to a bigger screen if wanted/needed.

MasterCornholio2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

While I do agree that the strength of the OS is the most important method to fight against piracy, the memory cards are also a problem as well since with the memory stick micros any idiot could drop PSP isos into them while with the Vita in order to get content onto the Vita you would have to hack the memory manager which is something that not anyone can do. So far I haven't seen any non hackers getting emulators and games working in the Vita.


one2thr2341d ago

Maybe the multi purpose port on the Vita will serve as a Vita specific hdmi out port....

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