Analysts Take a Bite out of Apple's Gaming Plans

With EA showing more support for Mac with Spore and other titles, it's not such a bad time to be an Apple gamer, but will Apple ever get serious about games? GameDaily BIZ speaks with several leading analysts.

"Apple has not embraced video games as aggressively as have other platform manufacturers, but given the ongoing strong market growth it's difficult to imagine that they can remain on the sidelines for long," said Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian.

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VirusE4672d ago

Considering the whole gfx card scandal that is currently going on with the new macs and the 32x pci-x slot I would have to say no, Mac will never get serious about games. Who the hell plays games and buys a machine that you can’t upgrade the graphics card? Apples sells 1 year old gfx card for 150 bucks over the price of the same card for pc.

mighty_douche4672d ago

Well the only possible "gaming PC" they produce is the new Mac Pro (frankly thats the only system you can easily access the components) and that cost really big bucks for performance you could achieve on a cheap ass PC.

But they're products are seriously cool, and there OS can be a pleasure to use.

Personaaly id love to see them push into the gaming market, if only to push M$ into getting there PC act together!

VirusE4672d ago

Mighty you should check out what is going on with the mac pro and the 8800gt now. Mac has made it so pcs that came out 3 months ago can not have the gfx card upgraded. So even though you can put another card in the mac pros they will not run the card. There is an online petition right now to have this changed. if you boot in windows any card will work but if you boot in os X only the card that shipped with the machine or older cards will work. The 8800gt will only work in mac pros with a 32x pci-e slot even though the card is a 16x card.

mighty_douche4672d ago

Yeah dude, ive seen them, you can get the GT or 2900 right? we got an older one at work (6 monthes) with a 30" inch apple screen! Now if this petition come through i think im gonna be doing some late nights at work!

Whats that in ya lunch box? oh tuna sandwich and a GTX!!!

VirusE4671d ago

I lust for a gtx but dont have the cash at the moment.:(

Ju4672d ago

I can't imagine they can be competitive. The OS is not, for sure. A gaming machine needs a short data path to the HW, something MacOS was never good at (even if X is mach based), and thus creates way to much overhead for a pure gaming machine. Might work for a desktop like environment, but not if you need a box with low overhead and latencies.

ElfShotTheFood4672d ago

Most developers and publishers probably figure it isn't worth it to make Mac games, since the PC owns such a huge percentage of the market share compared to the Mac when it comes to home computers.

Yes, they could spend the money and make Mac games, but it wouldn't be very profitable for them.

mighty_douche4672d ago

well with Mac's adopting intel chips and mainstream graphics cards im sure it wouldnt be such a big job for developers, it would be easier than say 360/PS3.

i bet they could be tempted into it, maybe for a fee. Once Halo was going to be exclusive to the Apple format.

Kaneda4672d ago

If you said that 2 years ago I would agree.. but Apple is gaining on macket share... 2% percent to almost 7 percent... Developers are just getting that small piece of the pie..