For the Love of Gaming Podcast Episode 107: Super Sony Smash

This week of For the Love of Gaming Podcast is Diablo 3 filled.

Chris finished the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and talked about how Wii Motion Plus made the game less Zelda like.

Casey and Garrett talked about their Minecraft adeventures.

Cory and Casey played Max Payne 3, and give their thoughts on the unique story telling, fast paced action, and breath taking presentation.

Diablo 3 was the 4LOG’s game of choice this week, and they dicuss some the changes such as the linear skill system, and always on DRM.

TMT: E3 2012 predictions: Microsoft.

Lead Kinect developer says the next big thing will come, and it isn’t Kinect 2.

Director of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale teases Vita version.

Epic Debuts Unreal Engine 4.

Brothers in Arm Furious 4 rumored to be canceled, GearBox insists it’s not.

Rumor of a Star Fox and Metroid Crossover.

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