Treyarch Does Fun Better Than Infinity Ward

An article via wherein the writer claims that Infinity Ward could learn a lot from Treyarch, who seem to make the better, more fun experiences with the Call of Duty games. It's entirely based on opinion but still worth a read.

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zeal0us2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

I tend to like Treyarch's CoD more than IW's CoD. With Treyarch, there seems more to do and I can actually enjoy it. While IW version seem fun for 30mins+ then it just gets dull.

To each his/her own.

F7U122340d ago

Really because I had more fun with COD4/MW2 than I ever did with BlOps.

chak_2339d ago

MW3 was shallow to say the least.

bahabeast2339d ago

i played all versions of call of duty and the one i had most fun wish online and offline is black ops BY FAR

SKUD2339d ago

Oh god. Without IW there would be no COD. Since 4 mentioning IW is just pointless since its has been disbanded. Treyarch has yet to create something as legendary as COD series. There job is to do what activision tells them to do with COD so they wont loose there jobs.

Activision keeps the IW name alive just to troll people. Do people actually believe there still making games?. I imagine showing up to IW offices, opening the door and seeing a beat up fax machine with the empty toner cartridge light blinking. FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS.

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