Mark Lamia Comments on Mass Effect 3 Ending writes, "Whether or not you agree with that group of gamers, the general ending of Mass Effect 3 was controversial. How controversial? Even Mark Lamia of Treyarch recently commented on the ending of the game in an interview..."

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TekoIie2342d ago

Im glad thats their stance. I am actually more interested in the hate for this game than the game itself lol.

Just for "All the endingz SUCK" right after release just because its COD. Haters told them to change the game and thats what they've done... In the Single player which is a start!

Hicken2342d ago

Hardly any of the "haters" complained about the singleplayer, so what kind of half-assed start is this?

On topic, it was barely a comment on the ME3 ending, and I honestly think he shouldn't have said anything about it at all. Make your game; Mass Effect isn't even in the same genre.

TekoIie2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

"Hardly any of the "haters" complained about the singleplayer, so what kind of half-assed start is this?"

Well your clearly one of those haters.....

Hicken2342d ago

I didn't say "no one." I said "hardly any." I acknowledge that there are some complaints about the singleplayer.

But the majority of complaints are about the game itself (the tired old engine and graphics) or multiplayer issues such as shoddy hit detection, quick scoping, and so on.

And, for the record, there's a difference between legitimate complaints and random hate. The complaints people have about COD are well-founded, at the least. No one's asking for anything unreasonable. But that's neither here nor there.

WitWolfy2342d ago

Umm he barely said anything about the ME3 ending... Would've liked to see his thoughts on the ending as a whole way to close a trilogy though.