Bagogames Interviews Sorcery's Lead Designer Joe Unger

Bagogames: Apparently playing with your wand has never been so much fun. Q sits down with Joe Unger and talks all things Sorcery in this special episode of the interview with Q.

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Bagogames2339d ago

Jade I asked for one thing, avoid the wand jokes. You can't even manage that for me?

All things aside, I'm gonna enjoy playing with my wand...

Get your mind out of the damn gutter!

Rediculamal2339d ago

Pft, and you believed me when I said I wouldn't?

Ajoyshop2339d ago

Let's keep the convo G-rated folks. :p

WriterWhelp2339d ago

I put on my robe and wizard hat...

Ajoyshop2339d ago

I see where this conversation is going...

WriterWhelp2339d ago

I cast level 3 Eroticism.

You are now a pretty woman.

TheInterview2339d ago

Still can't wait to take a look at the game. I have been busy with Max Payne 3. :)

manlypile2339d ago

I have a PS3 but have not made the "Move" purchase. More games like this might sway me.

pumpkinlord452339d ago

Yeah I agree, I wish game companies would just stop with the gimmicks.

TheInterview2339d ago

Depending on how the game plays it might be more then just a gimmick. I think that if a game is done correctly and not built around the Move but built to utilize it then we could see some awesome games. I am picking it up tomorrow night so I will let you know how it works but I have seen a couple of reviews already and so far it's gotten fairly good reviews.

liberator232339d ago

Hardworking, dedicated, and talented people like Joe Unger that work on games because they love it are what keep this industry exciting. I don't own a PS3 so I can't give this one a try but it definitely looks fun!