The Definitive Guide to Recognizing if Bungie Hates You

Hawty McBloggy writes this humorous take on the pitfalls of the Halo3 universe:

Bungie hates people. Lots and lots of people. How exactly do I know this? I hear it all the time when playing Halo 3 online. Some people seem to know without a doubt that their favorite video developer despises every last thing about them. Some people aren't sure if Bungie hates them or not; sometimes it seems like they do, other times not so much. Here are some very basic guidelines to tell you if Bungie as a collective whole hates you and the very ground your Spartan/Elite walks on.

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yamamoto1144665d ago

How does this nonsense get approved?

Staircase4664d ago

Wow... Bungie despises me. Though I don't understand how any of this is related to Bungie.

Qbanboi4664d ago

Lol, Bungie dont Hate you, is that you just got bad luck.

Well, this dont happen to me. But my 360 died 3 times now. Do it mean, that Microsoft hates me?

iNcRiMiNaTi4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

i had my 360 die on me twice and im on my 3rd one right now.

VirusE4664d ago

Wow this got approved as news?