Buy or Sell: Online Passes, Wii U, Kinect, Black Ops II, New Halo Trilogy

In this first ever edition of Buy or Sell, we discuss whether or not Online Passes are acceptable, whether Black Ops 2 will outsell Modern Warfare 3, if the Wii U controller will blow our minds and more.

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shackdaddy2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

For me:
1. Buy. New console. Anyone who doesn't like a new console (which always comes with new IPs) can jump off a bridge...
2. Sell. NEVER liked motion controls. Not wii, not PSeye, and not Kinect.
3. Buy (probably). It's modeled after one of my favorite games so that's pretty cool.
4. Maybe Buy. I really need to see more first but it looks like they're switching everything up a little bit. But I can't say right now...
5. Buy. I really like Halo. And the pictures they showed off look really cool.
6. Sell. One of the many reasons why I didn't like this gen as much as the other gens. I can definitely see why they have it (like the guy said in the article) but I just don't like it...

abzdine2341d ago

Online Pass is the most stupid thing ever.. Not only I need to buy a new game but i need to buy a pass+the new game cause I have 2 PS3s with 2 different accounts and no way to play online on both profiles on 2 different consoles.

Correct me guys if i'm wrong..

Lucretia2341d ago

ur almost right, except not everyone has multiple Main accounts. Now our point is valid for family members that share the console and have different accounts.

i understand why passes exist (to make rebound from used games) but us gamers always get screwed

abzdine2341d ago

yes i agree, but as long as people continue buying nothing will change. I'm myself boycotting these games. I only bought Dead Space 2 from EA in the past year anf half and i bought it used cause i dont agree with their online crappy pass.

Sony pass is different cause it works on 5 different accounts, so that's okay for me!

Ramon3MR2341d ago

I understand it (as it relates to used titles), but I hate it too.

stage882341d ago

Don't like any of them at the moment (my opinion)

Dr Face Doctor2341d ago

The 'Buy or Sell' system in this article doesn't make any sense.

Ramon3MR2341d ago

Could've been "Fact or Fiction', "Bank or Bust", or "Buy or Sell"...just went with the last one.

TacoTaru2341d ago

The only time I want online play is when playing MMORPGs. If they want to have $10 online passes, sell all the new games for $50 (instead of $60) and optional online passes for $10. That way everybody pays $10 if they want to play online and those of us who only want single player version will save the money.

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