Gaming's Famous Voice Actors

Gamedaily takes a look at gaming's famous voice actors.

- Michael Madsen has been in such movies as Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs, has also lend his voice for GTA III, Driver 3 and Narc.

-Patrick Stewart well known for his role as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, has also voiced various X-Men projects as Professor X (including X-Men Legends and X-Men: The Official Game), but as well rpg fans will recognize him as Emperor Uriel Septim VII from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

-Ron Perlman portrays Lord Hood in the Halo games; voices the lead role in THQ's Conan; plays Batman in Justice League Heroes; has a role in the upcoming Turok game; and is voicing the lead anti-hero in the upcoming Hellboy game

-Michael Rapaport is known known for his TV roles in My Name Is Earl and The War At Home. He voiced Troy in Saint's Row; means business as the tough-talking Joey Leone in the original GTA III; and gets knee deep in the drug trade in Scarface: The World Is Yours.

-Keith David, you can hear him as the Arbiter in Halo 3; issuing commands as Captain David Anderson in Mass Effect; or talking smack as Julius in the GTA clone Saint's Row. He also lays some smack down in Transformers: The Game as Barricade

-James Woods has portrayed the animated villain Hades in Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts games; he's featured as George in Sierra's crime epic Scarface: The World Is Yours; and who could forget his character Mike Toreno in GTA: San Andreas.

Amongst others...

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toughNAME4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Captain Anderson is the Arbiter?

damn...he is a good actor

and BTW who ever voices Master Chief should automatically be famous...toughest voice ever.

Jikla4666d ago

Solid snake (David Hayter) has the thoughest voice ever! That's my opinion :p

Bleucrunch4666d ago

OMG Jikla you have it right on the money, Solid Snake is the toughest voice ever.....Bubbles for you!

Cyrus3654666d ago

Agree'd they did forget about Snake's voice, I wonder why they left him off the list, guess he's not famous enough in the hollywood world?

Cyrus3654666d ago

Some fairly big names lending their voices to games...I wonder how much they get paid for the voice gigs.

permutated4666d ago

I'm sorry, but where the hell is Mike Patton in all of this?

The guy did Darkness & Minions in The Darkness, the evil computer piece in Portal, and is slated to do most of the zombie VO's in Left 4 Dead.

What a rip off, I can't believe he didn't make it.

xboxman4666d ago

they forgot samuel l jackson! He played frank tenpenny in san andreas for god sake!

Cyrus3654666d ago

True, How could they forget about Sam Jackson, but I guess he hasn't voiced in any other games?