White Knight Chronicles Fans In The West Petition For Equal Treatment

In this day and age when video game companies charge gamers extra for content that’s either overpriced or already included on the game disc it’s a rare occassion when we see players actually demanding for downloadable content.

But this is the case with the PS3 exclusive online role-playing game, White Knight Chronicles 2.

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Gamer19822365d ago

As much as I agree with what the game needs online petitions don't work. Millions of articles from big name sites do. Case and point would be ME3 ending.

FamilyGuy2360d ago

The DLC people are petitioning for in this game is FREE DLC. All DLC quest in WKCs 1 and 2 are free. The petition just wants them stateside as japan has a massive amount of content that didnt get released outside of japan.