PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Thursday - US

+ Posted by Matthew Harper // Sr. Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

It’s been a busy month on the PSN front, as we put together yet another jam-packed PlayStation Plus update, kicked off the massively-popular Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekly Challenges, dropped the PSN exclusive game PixelJunk 4am as part of an epic PlayStation Store update, and more!

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Myst2341d ago

"Online play will not be affected and you will be able to enjoy apps such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video during this maintenance as well, provided that you have signed into the network within 5 days prior to the start of the maintenance period."

Welp this is all I needed to hear I will still be able to play Ghost Recon and other games so all is good :3

bub162341d ago

So much maintenance being done. I hope they have something big planned for E3!

ieatbabies2341d ago

This scheduled maintenance has nothing to do with E3 2012 for June.

SaffronCurse2341d ago


MasterCornholio2341d ago

Only on the Vita ( with Sony at least)


Robotronfiend2341d ago

Sounds like a good time to go collect some Diablo loot.