PS3 on track to defeat Wii and X360

Gameplayer are reporting that the latest console sales figures they've been given are very much in the favour of Sony's PlayStation 3. Following a bumper Christmas, the console is shaping up to be the fastest selling machine in the country's history.

"Despite all its problems, the PS3 could be on the verge of storming to victory as the fastest selling console to date."

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Naruto4664d ago

its funny the ps3 outsells the 360 weekly worldwide

shmee4664d ago

She could see that PS3 has been beating x360 consistently in worldwide sales for the past few weeks/months and still the Xbot argues.

I will be the first to post Japanese and worldwide charts when it is in on Vg

Rikitatsu4664d ago

The PS3 Outselling the 360 world-wide for like a month now, yet its a failure ? haha