Top 5 Things Diablo 3 Won't Tell You (That You Need to Know)

So, Diablo 3 launched last week, and after over 3 million sales in the first 24 hours it seems most the gaming community is playing the game. After spending extensive time within Diablo 3 it's clear there are some key features that the game’s walkthrough/tutorial sections won’t tell you, but you really should know about. So without further ado, here’s the top 5 things you need to know when playing Diablo 3, that it won’t explicitly tell you.

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h311rais3r2433d ago

I don't understand why you keep Trolling all the d3 posts. Your wasting your life. There are millions that are enjoying and not whining about how disappointed and entitled they are like you seem to be doing. The game is good and is different from the previous ones so get over it.

Lucretia2433d ago

not wasting my life, the dude who died over this game wasted his own life, I did not.

tallkidoPL2433d ago

nice tutorial,didnt know few of those things

trokart2433d ago

he did make an error the "elective" mode cannot equip anything other than passive abilities in your passive slots...

JoePrime2433d ago

Yes, this was a typo in the original article. Where I said "Passive Slot" originally, I was meaning to say "Primary Slot" and either brain-farted or my auto-correct substituted the wrong word. Either way, I've updated the paragraph and hopefully it's a little more clear now, and a lot more accurate.

Thanks for the note! :)

Spenok2433d ago

Did anyone else notice the other articles from this website at the bottom of the article were ALL talking bad about D3?

It seems weird to me that this site that so seemingly hates this game is now giving tips on how to play the game better......

JoePrime2433d ago

Those aren't my articles, they are from an affiliate link ring, and most of them have flamebait titles just to increase clicks, probably notgoing to stay on my site for long. I love D3 and the last few articles I have written have all been positive about it.

Spenok2429d ago

Ah, my bad then. Guess I should have taken a deeper look to realize that.

Well then, keep up the good work :D

NeoSprtacus2433d ago

Is there any way to see the items that you sold on the auction house? I've put items up and had them sold pretty quickly, and then felt as if I should have listed it at a higher price.

Also, I did not know about holding control to see stats of items on the ground. Kudos.

JoePrime2433d ago

Not that I'm aware of, and I agree it would be very nice to be able to check what the stats were post-sale. At this point I just take a screen pic of all the items I put up, and then I can thumb back through them if I need to. It would be very nice to see Blizzard update with a feature to see sold item stats in-game though.

Overall I feel like the Auction House could use a lot of usability updates, it's counter-intuitive in a lot of ways, and it's ease of use leaves a lot to be desired still.