GTA 5 interactive possibilities from filings

InEnt writes: We’ve heard some crazy ideas for GTA 5 TV and one of the best would see news reports featuring your activities like car chases, crimes, etc. You can then watch a news channel while eating a burger. These would be welcomed features under the Rockstar TV and GTA TV services, although there are plenty of other possibilities Rockstar can bring for in-game TV.

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danswayuk2342d ago

Love the idea and I can really imagine myself eating a burger, did that a lot in GTA 4, and then watching the police chasing me on a news channel. Class, pure class.

JoePrime2342d ago

GTA IV did a great job off bringing the world "to life" - and this level of detail would certainly help flesh out the universe even more. It'd be a fun feature.

BattleTorn2342d ago

I usually need small breaks while gaming, and in GTA IV that was usually met with some in-game TV time.

ricky3602342d ago

I want more weapons and car customization.

FlareDReborn2342d ago

I want to be able to break into houses..

JoGam2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

U need help. That sound like a perv.

MurDocINC2342d ago

I want 2 player coop in story mode like saints row 3 did.

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