2007: The 360's Disappointing Year?

Despite a year of awesome games, Gameplayer has examined the year-end console sales charts and expressed concern for the Xbox 360 in this article. They suggest that with the stellar line-up of games, Microsoft would have expected the console to do a lot better.

"In actual fact 360 sales in 2007, despite spikes during the release of Halo 3, kinda levelled off a bit. Selling roughly 9 million units up until the end of 2006, Microsoft saw fit to trumpet worldwide sales of 17m at the end of 2007, but why? Basically the 360 sold a little bit less..."

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toughNAME4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

2007 was the best gaming year in history, a feat spear headed by Microsoft

Sony has a chance to improve upon 2007 and make 2008 the new record holder. If Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, Final Fantasy XIII, LittleBigPlanet, Home, Haze all free themselves from the Sony delay machine...Sony will most likely succeed.

Which I highly doubt

***I also think its worth noting Gameplayer haven't gotten sucked into the Killzone hype. Kudos for common sense, GP you just made my Favourites

Relcom4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Your 360 bias barely showed. Good Job ; )
I agree with you except for the highly doubt part( I'm a little more optimistic).

I think 2007 was a great year for 360 gamers with all the AAA titles released, but i do see the point that the sales are disappointing(or at least not as good as Microsoft themselves have said they hope for)

2008 is definitely gonna be the year where we see who is gonna get the majority market share in the future. This i believe to be true.

jiggyjay4665d ago

The reason why it didn't sell as much as people wanted was because of price! We all know price matters to people just wait until M$ drops the price to at least $200 on the base model!

mikeslemonade4665d ago

To jiggyjay
In 06 360 was $400 and 07 the 360 was $350. That $200 argument was the same argument used by HDDVD/360 fans who said the $200 HDDVD player would hit critical mass when sold in Walmart. The sales are actually wrong anyway the 360 did not sell 9 million in 06 and therefore it seems like they sold less whereas they actually sold about the same. It's troubling nonetheless because a system is suppose to grow every year and people are calling the 360 the PS2??? PS2 grew every year and 360 hits the wall in its 2nd year when it had competition. This is just prove that a console cannot win by just selling well in America. The 360 is selling less and less in Japan and Europe. 360 is just way to predicatable. I predict the 360 to sell around 5-6 million units.

Rattles4666d ago

and xbots cant take it.

babyhand4665d ago

The Playstation brand is strong and well established. Almost every Xbox owner I bet has had a Playstation 1 or 2 in his life. The PS3 will sell better in the long run as there are a lot of Sony fans out there. This is not a suprise. I have a 360, But at some point, I will get a PS3 when its the right time. Until then I will enjoy my 360. Its all about the games. We all know it comes down to that. Its what we Compare to prove our point is the correct one. technology is nothing if the software is not there to back it up.

Pain4666d ago

Time to buy a PS3 and Play on a Real Team.
And when was M$ ever Known for telling true sales figures?

Rocko4665d ago

combining PS2/PSP sales with those of the PS3 to make them seem bigger.

nevelo074666d ago

that the ps3 still sold the way it did with all the bad press and half the AAA games the 360 had

SlappingOysters4665d ago

I think it just shows that the majority of buyers in video games at the moment aren't your traditional gamers. Their mainstreamers and for them PlayStation (and by extenstion SingStar, Buzz, EyeToy, Ratchet, etc.) is the brand they know.

Eitehr that or we are all discounting the influence of Blu-ray

tatical4665d ago

MS helped sell the PS3 with their own faulty systems. That played a big role for ME, as my 360 graphical glitches (no Red Ring) made me nervous about buying new games (the last game I got was Forza 2).

LightningPS34666d ago

hahahaha. 360 killing the competition in 07 with the best games and best sales.

Only the Wii sold better, but oh well. It still had a great year.

SlappingOysters4665d ago

I think it is really concerning. I have all three consoles and mostly play teh Xbox 360 because of the games - they're just more my thing - but if its sales graph shows a decline from year one that is bad news.

I guess we'll have to see whether year 2 has similar affects for PS3 and Wii.

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