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The clashing sound of metal gears, the dust lifted from a skidding tyre, the elated cheers of a perfect run, and the enraged noises of a gamer frustrated by a near-impossible challenge.

Trials Evolution evokes all of these and more should you choose to take on its wealth of tracks, which as fans of the original will remember, can vary from surprisingly easy from the opening tournaments to horrendously difficult later on. What they might not know is just how appropriate the title actually is; where a simple ‘Trials 2’ would have sufficed had it been just any old sequel, the term ‘evolution’ really does hold ground here, representing a true and significant step up for the series.

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glennco2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

it just keeps getting better the more user content released. some of the tracks and games made by gamers are insane.