PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS Vita – Cross platform heaven

Product-Reviews writes: The ultimate feature for us is obviously cross-platform online play between both versions, but will Sony be able to deliver on this? The pleasing aspect for us is that the PS3 version doesn’t look like it’s a game which is ‘maxing’ out PS3 hardware. Sure it looks fast and frantic, but we have a sneaky feeling that the game may have been designed in a way so that the PS Vita can join in on the fun as well.

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danswayuk2366d ago

Cross platform heaven is what I want to see more of with lots of games following E3.

Halochampian2366d ago

If it does.. I might get a Vita which I have been holding off on for some reason...

ddurand12366d ago

bought mine last week. had a few extra dollars from graduating college so treated myself to one.

sometimes its ok to buy things for their potential. I think people forget thati its ok to buy things for their potential. but not everyone has the funds to do that wtih.

i gotMK for free with my purchase so ive been playing that, peace walker, Ys Seven and Hustle kings.

i have enough to keep me occupied till that must play game comes out. and those games will come out. the system has been available for a few short months.

Halochampian2366d ago

Congrats on graduating! I just graduated college myself as well.

ddurand12366d ago

its a good feeling. I gotta go back for my master eventually though.

entereing the real job market is pretty daunting though.

best of luck to you and your future vita!

Halochampian2366d ago

Thanks man. Good luck to you as well!

I've been fortunate enough to have a salary job for about 8 months and going back for my masters in a year's time.

ddurand12366d ago

thats always good. its even better when the employers help with loans/future education too. hopefully they can do that for you

remanutd552366d ago

man i want to get back to college but i cant afford it right now , i don't have the time, i think i will do it online , is it the same?

ddurand12366d ago

only took a handfull of online classes and didnt enjoy them. I was living at school and attending normal classes too though. An online only schedule would be tough to do. You need that extra education in todays job market though.

college is a large up front investment (too much, if you ask me. college has become too businesslike lateley) but it pays off in the end.

the stat people generally quote is that a graduate makes 1mill more than someone who doenst on average. even 100k in loans to make an extra 900k isnt a bad pay off.

Krimmson2366d ago

Here's a suggestion. Super Stardust Delta. Arguably the best game on the Vita right now. It certainly the most addicting, that's for sure.

JoGam2366d ago

Congrats both of u guys. Im going back to school myself.

Halochampian2366d ago

Thanks everyone.

@ddurand1 My company actually reimburses up to $5,000 a year for education that is in my field (Computer Science). So that is a huge help.

@remanutd55 You can do it online. It's how I will be doing my masters. I took some undergrad classes online and they went pretty well. Hardest part is trying to stay focused while having the power of the internet right there in front of you. Best part of online classes is being able to freely go back and listen to classes that you may have missed of wasn't paying attention to fully.

ddurand12366d ago

In contrast to halochampions online class, i had one that required all book work and we had deadlines for assignments that we needed to submit and message board posts we had to make about subjects. (not so different than this c-section, same concept anyway)

If you can do them like halo champions, id say hell yeah, but a full load of the online classes like i experienced would be difficult.

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krontaar2366d ago

Hopefully the game is actually good. Really not liking the whole "orb collecting" aspect of it.

Regent_of_the_Mask2366d ago

Cross-Platform online = PS3 users completely owning Vita users.