How I learned to stop wanting to punch online multiplayer in the throat

HEAVEmedia comes to grips with never being good enough to truly succeed in online multiplayer gaming.

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Hellsvacancy2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Sometimes i feel like im the leader when i play BF3, i can honestly control the flow of the game (some of the time)

For example the other day i joined my friend who was in a game, i was supporting him, but i came to the conclusion after 20mins of watching him and the whole team die over and over again like lambs to the slaugher that this team really hasnt got a clue what its doin, its down to me to win this

So i did, i flanked around where everybody was dyin, shotgunned everyone in my way making room for my team to push forward, ran and set the objective, placed a claymore, ran to the next and did the same, took afew mofos out on the way. Base taken, ready to push forward

I joined halfway through the round and ended top of the board by loads of points, it was a FULL game, with some skilled defenders, its just my team was useless

So there is an I in Team, ME

LOGICWINS2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Felt the same with Warhawk. I was the only one on my team getting/defending flags, but once I got back to my room after a pee break, the other team had just taken our flag. This is why I'm virtually done with team based online games. Your either playing on a team with incompetent players and/or consistently outshined by people with no lives on the other team.

With the Amazing Spiderman, AC3, Yakuza 5, Persona 5, GTAV, Sleeping Dogs, and Tomb Raider on the horizon, I don't see much of a reason to play online anymore. I'd rather play at my own pace than let others determine how much fun I have in a game.

FunAndGun2342d ago

Artificial intelligence will never compare to playing against another human mind.

I still like single player, but my most enjoyable moments in gaming have been from intense battles against other human players. regardless if it is a puzzle game or a FPS.

I just don't get the same satisfaction in beating scripted pixels as opposed to a dynamic human mind with a pair of thumbs.

Ducky2342d ago

^ The other way around for me.

The average human mind I encounter online can't compared to a well-developed AI.

BitbyDeath2342d ago

@Logic, i agree.
It does get frustrating sometimes when your constantly fighting off enemies from the flag and the instant you leave the remaining defenders seem to hand it over on a platter.

But Starhawk does help a little with allowing you to build support structures. I haven't played enough yet to design any traps (aside from the obvious mine pits) but at least the tools are there

SnakeCQC2342d ago

i feel the same with like everygame lmao

mochachino2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

The only time I want to punch online MP in the throat is when it lags badly or how despite playing objective games, most of my team mates only care about their k/d ratio... In fact, I'm starting to think a lot of players only choose objective games because it's easier to camp and get easy kills because you know exactly where the other team is heading (to the objective or thereabouts).

I had one game where a guy was pissed I armed the bomb and won because he wanted to lose the round so he could get an even higher k/d in the next round. He was already at something like 42-5 so I guess he was having a good match but give me a break.

The problem with online MP is that it's all about k/d, I wish it was like sports where wins were all that mattered. In most matches people don't care about wins at all, they just care about k/d. Very few people are willing to risk a precious death to try and win. They need a completely difference scoring system for objective games, leave k/d to deathmatch.

Patriots_Pride2342d ago

I feel like that all time when playing COD because of these nerds using modded controllers.

Urrakia342342d ago

So you're one of those guys, huh? Can't tell you how many times people accused me of using a modded controller after I killed them in CoD.....

Ducky2342d ago

That's a new one.
They usually just compliment my mom whenever I kill them. =/

soundslike2342d ago

Its just a b/s excuse that maybe happens one time out of 10000000000000000000000000 times but they'll accuse you of it every other time.

just like "you must be lag-switching!"

"host advantage"

"camper" (applies when they weren't actually camping)

aquamala2342d ago

And just how do you know they are using modded controllers? Maybe they are just better than you.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2342d ago

i just can't get into mp like I use to anymore. I usually play for a few days then I'm on to something else.

JellyJelly2342d ago

Play to have fun, not to win, and you will eventually get good at it. And have fun while winning :)

StayStatic2342d ago

Well put Jelly

Being arrogant and an elites jerk will eventually turn you into a n00b; because you become so blind to see your own mistakes and it's not possible you could have done something wrong in anyway.

Keeping a clear head , focusing and trying to win will lead to winning in the end rather than nerd raging.

Also if your like me and can't stand lag , best to switch servers before it drives you up the wall :D

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