DiRT Showdown VIP Pass Offers Additional Content

The online pass system has quickly become a staple of the current-generation AAA release, presenting additional value for purchases of new products in an attempt to monetise – and perhaps even marginalise – pre-owned sales. As the adoption rate of such practices increases however, some publisher have realised that simply locking online gameplay behind the pass may not be enough, as Codemasters Racing proves with the forthcoming release of DiRT Showdown.

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Boody-Bandit2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

No manual shifting = no purchase for me (I mean just check my avatar. I love shifting).

I might rent it down the road, maybe.
It's just disappointing to a wheel player like myself to see a developer like Codemasters, one that usually has among the best wheel support in gaming today, ditch the option for manual shifting.

It makes no sense considering Showdown is basically parts of Dirt 3 and GRID pulled together to make this game. They say it's more arcade like compare to Dirt, but even still, those games have manual shifting and it works flawless.

Grimhammer002435d ago

This game....though I still kinda want....should be dlc. It feels like dlc for dirt 3. I'll wager it'll be $39.99 by following weekendif release.

Skynetone2435d ago

That demo was short, and having no inside view is just a no go