Yoichi Wada on PS3: "My phone is more expensive"

PS3 Fanboy writes: "Yoichi Wada is the main man behind operations at Square Enix. In official terms, he's the president. So what's he think about the current state of consoles? Specifically, what's his thought on the PS3? Our subject line gives you a hint but we'll talk a bit more about it. Wada feels that Sony isn't expressing the use of the PS3 appropriately; Sony isn't explaining what kind of games they have for what kind of consumer. We know, we know ... it's hard to really dissect all the things the PS3 can do and target certain markets for each feature".

See the alternative source and link for the entire interview.

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MikeGdaGod4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

i've spent that much on an ounce of weed........and it didn't last a week

ravinash4665d ago

The PS3 was a good deal when I got it on the first day...and at todays price, its a steal.
Mind you, I suspect the Mr Wada's phone is probably very expensive.

grimygunz4665d ago

considering how good cell phones are in japan compared to NA it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

He's right about Sony needing to get the message out about the ps3's features. but the only thing is see slowing the ps3 down in japan is the big Japanese developed games aren't out yet. DMC4 will be one of the few big games that appeals to japanese hardcore gamers. also yakuza 3 should shift interest onto the ps3. the wii is a powerhouse in japan but it shows that hardcore third party games are flopping in sales opposed to nintendo made games (No more Heroes).

LightningPS34665d ago

PS3 needs to cost the same as XBOX 360. Because to gamers, they are the same thing. The do the same thing, play the same games.

As long as PS3 costs more, they have no chance. They aren't in competition with themselves or with cell phones, but with XBOX 360.

If they match the price of 360 and they still get outsold badly, then they are f*cked. Until then, I still think the price has a lot to do with it.

chrno64665d ago

er..actually ps3 has been outselling 360 worldwide for a while now, and the killer app are not even out yet.

NinjaRyu4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

talking a lot of crap lately.(& not just about Microsoft)They better watch what they say from now on because if not all the crap their talking will come back to bit them in their A$$! Mark my words!

Naruto4665d ago

you do know the ps3 outsells the 360 weekly worldwide

LightningPS34665d ago

360 by 16k. Even when they add Japan, It won't be 16k more. Holiday is over, PS3 will sell maybe 16-18k, 360 who knows probaly 4k

It's close but I'm pretty sure 360 won.

shmee4665d ago

Japan data isnt out yet ALICE

in Japan expect 50k PS3s vs 5/6k x360s

so when Japan data is out expect PS3 to have outsold the X360 by 30 000 units

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The story is too old to be commented.