Don’t upgrade your CPU yet

MyGaming details why it may not be the ideal time to tune up that dusty rig of yours, as a few good additions are set to launch in a few months.

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Ulf2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

When 22nm fab tech settles at intel, and 28nm settles at TSMC and GF, stuff will get a bit cheaper.

The next serious CPU upgrades won't occur for years -- until GF and TSMC move to 20nm. Some improvements might happen sooner, with tri-gate redesigns at 28nm, but it'll be a long while before you need an upgrade if you buy a CPU in the next year (or two)

ATi_Elite2342d ago

Core i5 2500K is like $200 and Overclocks like a BEAST!!!

Good for a long long time and Intel's Next Gen CPU will be costly!!!!

Outperforms AMD in like 95% of the Benchamrks and AMD next Gen CPu.....who knows how under-achieving that will be.

BubloZX2342d ago

I'm sporting the i7 2960XM

h311rais3r2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Yea AMD is going downhill again. Currently have an i-5. I currently have a 6970 2gb edi but will be switching to nvidia soon :/

shadow27972342d ago

I'm planning on buying the 2500K soon! I'm excited, it'll be part of my first PC build.

The "a few months" this article says is a bit misleading. The closest tech releases in September and most are coming out next year. And honestly, I'd be a little wary of bleeding edge tech. The real benefit is cheaper older tech when the new stuff comes out.

xAlmostPro2342d ago

I'm rocking the i5 2500k too. Going to overclock once i either get a second 560 or sell my current one and get a 680 :D

Save money on the cpu = put it elsewhere ;D

Information Minister2342d ago

I've been runnig my i5 2500K at stock speeds for nearly a year. Haven't felt the need to overclock it at all. Mass Effect 3 runs in 1080p60 with my current GTX460.

urwifeminder2342d ago

Got a good deal on 2700k the board i got supports new chips putting it together over the coming weeks when i get around to it looking forward to it also got a 7850 to try out.

Hassassin2342d ago

I'm still rocking a 2500k (bought it at launch)... and not planning to upgrade any soon.
(2 years down the line?)

TheModernKamikaze2342d ago

I have a e2160 1.8 ghz so I'm willing to upgrade