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Justin Testa writes: Max Payne has been through a lot and has seen some things that no one should. To get some control of the pain he has experienced, he turns to alcohol and pills, but that only pushes him further and further out of control. Knowing that the path he is heading down can only lead to self-destruction, he wants to make a change and move on from the past. He has no reason to…until an old friend shows up at a Hoboken bar Max frequents giving him an opportunity to start over and put the past behind him.

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Bathyj2343d ago

I bought this day 1 and its great and all, but I just havent played it that much. I cant stop playing the Hitman demo.

redDevil872343d ago

Hitman demo 0_0

Where'd you get that from?

Bathyj2343d ago

You have to preorder it and you get a code.

I've played over 20 hours since thursday. Its brilliant.

masa20092342d ago

It's not really a demo, it's a special sniping level, not sure if it's gonna be indicative of the final product.

Fishermenofwar2343d ago

Agreed the Sniper challenge is awesome... Even though I suck really bad at it.. LOLS

himdeel2342d ago

Max Payne 3 if I were to rate it wouldn't be higher than an 8.5. It's a good story and decently polished but the gameplay is rough around the edges.

fastNslowww2342d ago

what, too hard for you? the game has weight, unless you enjoy rockstars games like red dead and won't find much satisfaction in max payne 3. I for one love the realism, thanks to the animations and phsyics system (rage engine)

himdeel2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Nah I beat the game just fine. I played both one and two on the PC with a mouse and keyboard and was looking forward to finding out what happened to Max. The game isn't hard at all but there were a some areas of game play I found unnecessarily frustrating. I've mentioned them in another thread but here they are again.

I never found a sweet spot with the aiming. It just felt to me like I should have been playing with a mouse and keyboard. There were game breaking bugs and glitches I experienced. Falling through the world, game freezing, audio dropping out, scenery disappearing, cut scenes not activating. All those things made an awesome story campaign frustrating to finish.

From a game play prospective I didn't understand why Max stands straight up after diving to the ground or stands straight up after leaving cover. Using the bullet time was nice but the last stand mechanic was a pain when you get hit and your reticule is focused on your target but you're technically behind some scenery and cannot hit your target but cannot tell you're behind scenery. Or the last stand activating and you having no more bullets in your gun and cannot change weapons.

I personally don't like the Rock Star engine at all that much when on foot. On horse in RDR things were great, in a car or motorcycle in GTA4 everything was silky smooth. This engine just doesn't seem conducive to on foot action. It just seems too clunky.

The animations and physic are great but it's those things that I mentioned that made an otherwise great experience less fun.

skywarpgreer2343d ago

Im getting this on PC looks amazing

fastNslowww2342d ago

PC being the SUPERIOR verison, already have it beat on 360...cannot wait. Need to upgrade my GPU, what's your rig like?

Dovahkiin2342d ago

I'm not sure my 570m is going to like this game much... Saying that it played The Witcher 2 smoothly.

masa20092342d ago

Someone really wants to keep getting his comp'd copies.


Day is never finished, massa's got me workin', someday massa set me freeeeee!

FrustratedFury2342d ago

Or. OR! The reviewer really liked the game. You're right. That never happens. We'll just throw it up to a money hat.