Happy Times - Mortal Kombat Turns 20 Years Old

DSOGaming writes: "Happy birthday Mortal Kombat and in order to celebrate it, we’ve included all the fatalities from MK1, 2, Ultimate 3."

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Bathyj2342d ago

My god, has it been that long?

Janitor2342d ago

Well that's it, I am officially old. I wasted so many quarters on MKII. Good Times.

DJLB21152342d ago

Been playing MK since it first came out. I remember begging my friend to let me borrow MK2 because my parents wouldnt buy it for me lol. Yes i am officially old as well now, but i dont regret ONE SECOND of playing any Mortal Kombat game. The characters and storylines are known by more gamers than most other series out there. If your franchise can survivr 20 years and change w the times, you have officially earned gaming OG status (ala Hideo Kojima). Congrats Ed Boon, you deserve all the praise you will get today! I will def be playing some MK Vita on my break today lol. Now FINISH HIM!!

john22342d ago

Don't forget John Tobias ;)

DJLB21152342d ago

i didnt want to, but i coudnt remember his first name! LOL real talk i didnt wanna get the guys name wrong. Ed Boon is just easeir to rememeber lol

-GametimeUK-2342d ago

Its had its fair share of ups and downs, but there is no better way to celebrate 20 years than having the best game of the franchise as your most recent release. Glad to see them be able to celebrate this milestone on a genuine high note.

DJLB21152342d ago

Yup, now all they gotta do is give us our MK Trilogy and MK mythologies: Sub-Zero PSN downloads and all will be well with the world lol

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