Awesomenauts Review | Twinfinite

If you were in the Twinfinite offices (aka Twitter, texts, and Facebook messages) recently, all you would hear is me talking about Awesomenauts. I’m not the biggest fan of downloadable games but I made an exception after I got to play it at PAX East. I talked about it very briefly in our, now classic, convention recap episode of the TSFT podcast, where I got to play it with the producer, Robin Meijer, giving me tips and explaining things right next to me. (We lost.) Unfortunately, its’ publisher, DTP Entertainment AG, filed for insolvency (bankruptcy) a few days beore it was set to be released. While this could have killed a great game, all it did was push back the release date by 24 hours. When we got the good news, I fought off the rest of the staff with a butter knife and a splintered bat to get the chance to review it. -Twinfinite's Muaz Zekeria

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