Is It Too Soon For the Next Generation?

Over the past year or so, there has been heavy speculation on the release of the next generation of console gaming. With headlines in the gaming world claiming to have the secrets behind Microsoft’s Xbox 720 and Sony’s Playstation 4, it almost seems inevitable that either company has a little something up their sleeve.

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green2343d ago

For late adopters then the answer is yes but for early adopters, it is already long overdue. This is already the longest generation in the history of videogames. My Xbox 360 will be celebrating it's 7th year of ownership in December.

JsonHenry2343d ago

^^ I've been ready for a long time now.

Lucretia2343d ago

long over due? the ps3 keeps getting better games, games keep looking better, this is when devs are finally comfortable with the consoles and can push out the best games.

sorta like when ps2 was passed the half life mark, its best games came.

even 360 (when they do actually have an exclusive) manages to out due their previous incarnations (gears, Halo, forza) so no, we dont need a next gen yet. i say 3-4 more years then sure.

why do yoy want MS and sony to be like nintendo and release a new console every 5 years? i mean to be fair nintendo's wii was dated since launch and the wii-u is tech wise close to current gen rather than far exceeding current consoles.

lets just keep playing.

DJLB21152343d ago

how can yall disagree w what this man said? it all makes perfect sense! oh wait, i just answered my own question. this is 2012. people dont like things that make sense

dark-hollow2343d ago

i dunno. i want full hd graphics for once on consoles. (not 5% of all games)
less ugly jaggies. more ram that wont bottleneck the whole system, and no, pc isnt the solution because there are games only available on consoles and i want them to look majorly better.

since uncharted 2, there is no and wont be any major graphics overhaul without new hardware, and its not like they will stop the support immediately for the current gen consoles.

besides, not only graphocs will get better, but new gens spawns a lot of new IPs. devs want to start fresh. sure there is some new IPs here and there released/announced for current consoles now, but most developers at this point hold their new projects for next gen because it spawns a new fanbase and basically there is less competition compared to a 6 year old system so developers reace to get their best on the new system to capture the new generation.

if you arent ready then simply dont buy new consoles. for other people they are more than ready for a new console

Titanz2343d ago

Though premise of the console is motion controlled gameplay, and that accounts for something (the Wii changed the way we traditionally play videogames).

Both Microsoft and Sony want to prolong this current generation, because they sold their consoles at a loss, and want to recoup all the money they spent on their platforms (PS3, Xbox 360). Whereas, Nintendo made profit from day 1, and now they believe is the perfect time to launch a new console.

When Microsoft and Sony release their news consoles, we they enable pre-successor system software playback, like Nintendo's doing with the Wii U?

green2343d ago

Can you all tell me what advances in A.I, physics et that the PS3 is going to do that has not already been done on the 360 or PS3 long time ago?

You talk about PS3 exclusives getting better and better. Please can you point me to them because i fail to see them? Can you show me the PS3 exclusive released this year that is better than Uncharted 2, Gears 3 or Max Payne 3 in terms of graphics? Can you show me the PS3 exclusive that is as open and has better A.I than Skyrim?

If you want to be stuck in the past then that is your choice but if you can sit there and say that both systems have not been maxed out then i am sorry to say that you are delusional. All that can be done is tiny bits of improvements/optimization here and there but never will there be any game released on PS3 or 360 that will show a big leap in physics, A.I or graphics over the best that we have already witnessed.

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cogniveritas2343d ago

With this being the longest lasting console generation so far, I'd say early adopters have definitely got their moneys worth. No need for a new console gen just yet, we're at the golden part of the console lifespan when developers have hit their stride and realize they can't wow us too much more with shiny graphics because of limitations so they focus on gameplay and story telling. The PC is there anytime if you need your graphics fix. And if the developers on PC are confident in selling PC only titles then they should push the envelope even further until console gamers demand the next gen begin.

I would be ready for next gen when it gets here but I don't look forward to waiting on friends to be able to afford the new console so we can play online, nor do I enjoy the first year or two when developers give us eye candy games that feel hallow and still eventually look sad compared to what will come 4 or 5 years later with better visuals, better story, and more responsive gameplay on the same consoles.

Y_51502343d ago

I need to see a new Xbox or PlayStation by 2013.

DA_SHREDDER2343d ago

I don't care when it happens, I'm gonna be hurting either way.

2v12343d ago

long over do for a dvd upgrade sure!

Persistantthug2343d ago

There are several reasons new consoles from MS and Sony right now would be a bit premature.

1. economy is still bad..... and both Sony & MS have lost alot of money that they could use this period to "fill their coffers".

2. Many Developers & publishers are having a hard time staying in business with just the current generation..... a new gen right now would bankrupt many.

3. I see some people that are wanting to upgrade just for "high definition in every game."
Of course everyone would like that, but if that's the best we can expect from upgrading now (current generation software with a HD facelift), I'm sorry, but you can count me out, because that's just not good enough of a reason to start a new console generation.

And to the people that still think an "HD facelift" is good enough.........please keep in mind that whenever we do get upgrades, we're gonna be stuck with those console upgrades for another 7 or 8 years.

Personlly, when I upgrade for 4, 5, or $600 again, I want a SIGNIFICANT upgrade.

Arnon2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

They've been out for 6 to 7 years. Do you actually believe that there would NOT be a significant upgrade? How much longer do you want to wait?

Persistantthug2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

I think we're looking at approx holiday 2014. 2 years from now the approx equivalent tech of a 680 should be reasonable enough costwise to be able to put in XBOX 3 and PS4 at mass production levels.

Besides, Arnon.....
Today there is no NEXT GEN software....not even on the almighty simply doesn't exist.
Because it goes back to the point of #2.....Developers are struggling with CURRENT gen and aren't ready for next gen yet.

Give them 2 years.......they really seem to need it.
And, by waiting a full 2 years, we'll get better stuff in our consoles too. Win Win :)

Arnon2343d ago

More like developers want to cater to consoles that are 6 to 7 years old because it is a good market for revenue, therefore a lot of the PC titles are shafted as console ports. This has been proven with Battlefield 3, as it was developed from the ground up on the PC, and it most certainly looks "next gen".

Any remotely good $150 GPU in today's age would be sufficient enough to generate a significant difference. That, and more RAM.

Persistantthug2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

BF3 looks nice, but as far as I can tell, the single player of BF3 is a very nice looking piece of CURRENT GEN Software tech, that consoles replicated quite well. Certainly BF3's campaign is best on the PC.....but it looks pretty impressive on consoles too.
( )

I'm sorry, but for NEXT GEN, I'm gonna need more than BF3..... you should want more for NEXT GEN too, Arnon.

Also, currently, there are and have been some nice PC exclusive games, such as DIABLO 3, BLACKLIGHT, WITCHER 2, HARD RESET, & upcoming GUILD WARS 2.
None of those games are pushing NEXT GEN Software tech....and you certainly cant blame consoles.
Maybe you should be blaming WALMART PCs.
And those low end 'Minimum Specs' PCs are less capable game machines than the current gen HD consoles.

Just Sayin

(PM me if you want futher discussion since we're both out of bubbles)

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humbleopinion2343d ago

Late adopter can adopt the next gen later if that's what they want...

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The Meerkat2343d ago

Is it too soon for another article on whether it is too soon for a new generation?

X_GAMER_X2343d ago

I dont wanna be mean to the author.

And to answer that stupid question, NO.

The one who wants to be stucked on old hardware, be my guest. For cryin out loud, The cell phone are soon to be on par with our consoles. If you dont have the money, Am sorry to hear that. If you dont wanna buy the new console, Keep the old one.

Is it too late to relaise that?

Christopher2343d ago

Because of the expected 20-30% increase in development costs, yes. Game prices will see yet another increase in price, which isn't something the economy is ready for right now. The only way we're ready for a new generation is if the consoles come out priced $400 or less and the games are provided for $60 or less.

MrDead2343d ago

Is there an echo in here? I’m sure I keep hearing the same thing repeated over and over again.

black9112343d ago

The PS3 hasn't even been maxed yet. Bluray disc haven't been fully utilized yet(Like the rumored 360 GTAV version on 3 or more disc). So the answer is yes it's too soon.

T9002343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Bluray capacity has nothing to do with Maxing a console out. Its just a storage medium. A storage medium can in no way influence the performance of a machine. Sure you may get more content on it but thats it.

However in game performance will not be effected by the extra size of storage medium. Infact most games have to installed to play anyways, reading a game installed from your HD is much more efficient and faster than reading from a Bluray or DVD. Why do you think the best perfoming machine the PC only has games installed on HD, we never have games read of a DVD or Bluray its just too slow.


Thats exactly what i mean, having things installed on your HD just means it will load faster, however it doesnt effect in game performance.

games installed on HDD >> reading from bluray. Though in game graphics performance remains uneffected regardless of HDD size.

black9112343d ago

you can buy a 1Tb HDD for your PS3 for no more then $40.

LNDCalling2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

It can when you stream textures from disc ala Unchartered, and more so if you can make that process more efficient!

Devs may be reaching the peak of hardware 'performance' but as stated by others that will mean that we will have them concentrating on mechanics, story and aspects other than graphics which are the things which can truly make a game worth playing!

Me.. I'm happy for now if we will see better games as a result, I'd like updated graphics for sure but they aren’t what makes a good game a good game.. if I want better graphics I'll just go play on my gaming rig!!

Arnon2343d ago

"It can when you stream textures from disc ala Unchartered, and more so if you can make that process more efficient!"

Aren't games in general streamed from a disc? And to be perfectly honest. I would much rather prefer Uncharted being installed than streaming. You ever skip a custcene in that game?...

LNDCalling2342d ago

@Arnon In short NO! Generally speaking the majority of PS3 games do not stream textures from disk and definitely not in the way ND do.

UC3 is 45gig and to stream what they do (which is pretty much everything) is quite some accomplishment and a testament to the algorithms they use and the way they duplication data around the disc. Other developers can only dream of being able to utilise the PS3 in this way and have publicly stated so (sources will follow even though they have been noted on N4G previously).

As for skipping the cut scenes, why would I?.. cut scenes form a major part of the story and are well integrated, if not seamlessly, in to the game! If you recall the 'golden years' of gaming you will know that people looked forward to the cut scenes as a major part of the game and to better understand the story!.. This seems forgotten now that graphics are so advanced that the difference between 'in game' and 'cut scenes' is negligible.

I would prefer all games installed (if the HDD is up to it) however I myself have 300Gig of installs already for PSN purchases + partial game installs so to start fully installing 20gig + games also would soon suck up the rest of my available storage quick time, is that really practical?

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cstyle2343d ago

"Bluray disc haven't been fully utilized yet"

Whos fault is that? Thats no reason to hold off a generation. TBH it proves that it wasn't really needed.

GamingPerson2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

The will show Unreal Engine 4 next month on one gtx 680 & you will want a ps4.

black9112343d ago

I'm in rush for next gen untill the standard for each each game looks like uncharted 3 or better.

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