Game Debate to the Death! 3 most anticipated games of 2008?

In our last debate, we wanted to know what your favorite game of 2007 was. It was a heated discussion, with over one hundred votes cast for dozens of different games, but the only close competition was the fight for second place:

1ST Place: The Orange Box (41 votes) & specifically Portal (16 votes)
2ND Place: Super Mario Galaxy (14 votes)
3RD Place: Tie (12 votes each) -- BioShock, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4
4TH Place: Rock Band (7 votes)
5TH Place: Halo 3 (5 votes)

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4666d ago
DTClown4666d ago

1) LBP
2) Tie for 2nd, KZ2 - Resistance 2
3) COD5 (yes, I loved COD3 by Treyarch so shutup!)

so I guess it's my top 4 then!

Top 3 rentals:
1) MGS4
2) GT5
3) GTA4

PS360WII4666d ago

Hmm 2008 huh.

Smash Bros
DQ IX (hopefully ^^)
Last Remnant

I can't really have only 3 because there are already to many must haves

liquidsnake4666d ago

1. MGS4
2. FF13/VS 13
3. DMC4

vidoardes4666d ago

1. Smash Bros
2. Last Remnant
3. LBP