New Whaling Sim is Bloody Great

From Gameplayer... "There's a new game out now that captures perfectly the hypocrisy of whaling. Harpooned is "a Cetacean Research Simulator, where you play the role of a Japanese scientist performing research on whales around Antarctica." As we know, this 'research' consists of harpooning whales, dragging them on board factory ships, and cutting them up into hamburger meat. Harpooned translates this activity into a fairly addictive vertically scrolling shooter."

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SlappingOysters4666d ago

just played this - pretty funny stuff. Kinda of a classic really.

CBaoth4666d ago

And look for the baby seal clubbing game - easier marks than these damn slippery, blue whales. Oh wait, you mean I can combo baby whales?...hmmn

Maddens Raiders4665d ago

I didn't see this one coming. I think I'm going to wait for Panda Hunter, or the Bald Eagle shooter game.

clevernickname4665d ago

Mmmmmmmm, "scientifically" canned whale meat.

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