Diablo III Claims its First Real-World Victim, 32-Year Old Russell Shirley

GR - "32-year old Russell Shirley was found dead in his home over the weekend by his landlord and coworker. He suffered a heart attack after a three-day binge on Diablo III."

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wallis2436d ago

Yeah it turns out playing a game for 72 hours has adverse effects on your health...who knew?

MariaHelFutura2436d ago

Doing ANYTHING for 72 hrs straight is wrong.

da_2pacalypse2435d ago

specially such a sub-par game like diablo3...

ninavoljic2435d ago

@da_2pacalypse just go home with your mama and play torchlight.

vortis2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Not unless you have a tube in your tummy and a bucket at your butt.

DeadlyFire2435d ago

Bah 48 hours and up is red flag territory. Heart can only go so long before crashing.

Blasphemy2435d ago

This game cannot be THAT good.

Dark_king2435d ago

Sitting for multiple hours is bad no matter what your doing.You sit and build up a blood clot then move and have a heart attack are a stroke.

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GraveLord2435d ago

This is why PC gaming has such a bad reputation.

Pain_Killer2435d ago

Risking your life away from a game - This is called "Dedication".

cjflora2435d ago

You spelled "addiction" wrong.

Silly Mammo2435d ago

The question is- Did he drop any good loot?!?

swift2435d ago

you sir just made me giggle!!!! and i know i shouldnt

Spenok2435d ago

Awww its so terribly wrong but oh so right. Especially for this game lmao.

OhMyGandhi2435d ago

that's the funniest thing I've read in a LONG time.

TopDudeMan2435d ago

I should NOT be laughing at this...

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showtimefolks2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

i play a lot of games but we all need to know our limits, you bought it the game isn't going any where

get sleep
go to work
get something to eat
go watch a movie
go outside get some fresh air
have sex
take a bubble bath
watch spongbob
watch big bang theory
watch some porn
take dump or change diaper

and finally don't die

Shani: Thanks for reminding me

Shani2435d ago

u forgot to take dump. :D

LoaMcLoa2435d ago

Watch Big Bang Theory!? Yeah, I rather die...

Britainz-Fin3st2435d ago

LoaMcLoa, your not a fan of Big Bang?
Probably one of my favourite things on tv here in uk, but tbh without sky theres not much choice on freeview.

MiamiACR212435d ago

Add "By myself" to the ending of everything on your list and it all clicks together.

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MrMister2435d ago

What a foolish way to die. i know, a person is dead and it's a tragedy. But he died like a fool.

MEsoJD2435d ago

I don't even think I could go that long without passes out through exhaustion.

Bobby Kotex2435d ago

So a guy in the comments on that site says it's all BS. He had health issues and did not go on a marathon binge of Diablo 3. Hope the hits to that lame ass site is worth it.

MostJadedGamer2435d ago

Stay away from this occult garbage. Cann't believe people would play satanic garbage like this. They have no fear of God at all.

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Detoxx2436d ago

These people are sick, why would you play a game for this long

bwazy2435d ago

I played the Guild Wars 2 Beta for over 50 hours last time they had a 3 day event. Won't lie, I would have played longer if my body allowed it. Hell, even hyped up on Redbull I was absolutely unable to resist sleeping.

Theres definitely something more medically wrong here.

Ser2435d ago

Right on! I'm in the same boat as you, man. Except I played the BWE for 35 hours straight with one tiny nap in between. Twas worth the time sink. Fantastic game.

Bimkoblerutso2435d ago

I think most doctors would agree that "resisting sleep" is not conducive to living a long healthy life...

I think most people that weren't complete idiots would say the same...

bwazy2435d ago

I don't get what's with my disagrees? The fact that I actually did the formentioned act that people think is absurd? The fact that I mentioned Guild Wars 2 OR the fact that I mentioned it was primarily a health related issue? I mean hell, the longest time spent awake by a human being (recorded) is 11 days, logically if the person was in any sort of good standing health 3 days would have done nothing drastic (maybe light hallucinations).

For my reasonings?

I'm at the Gym 6 days a week and sprinting on my day off. I deserve to let loose and game my ****ing ass off once and awhile. Especially when its for a very limted beta on a game that I've been waiting 5 years to play.

Was worth it.

SuperLupe2435d ago

I didnt click disagree but thats just crazy man, 50h straight ?? I can hardlay game 2h straight before losing concentration.

That said, you're a big boy I guess an you arent dead, no need to justify yourself.

Ser2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Lol, just a bunch of self-righteous people replying. Nothing more.

I've been waiting since 2007 to get my hands on GW2, to just...touch it. And as bwazy said, it was WELL worth it. Had an awesome time with my guildies.

I'm at the gym five days a week for an hour and forty minutes at a time. I probably bench more than two of you guys combined weight-wise. So don't preach about "healthy this," "you're gonna die" that. You're no better for having said any of that nonsense.

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Lord_Sloth2435d ago

I dunno, dude. I love my sleep and naps way too much to pull a 3 day shift on anything!

Skate-AK2435d ago

Your name fits that statement.

Britainz-Fin3st2435d ago

I love sleep, but having a newborn baby i get like 2hours sleep then 1 hour feeding changing and tryin to get baby back to sleep only for her to wake up another 2 hours later. ive been doing it for 3 weeks now so ive practicaly living of 5 hours sleep, something i didnt know was even possible!

i fit double glazing and i wouldnt be lieing to say ive put a few wonky doors and windows in since.

ninavoljic2435d ago

since the game is built that way...

Cennus2436d ago

"Claims its first"? Waiting for more, are you?

MagicAccent2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I wonder if he made it to hell?

Si-Fly2436d ago

Couldn't get past the Skeleton king on normal and had a heart attack apparently ...

fatboyfsx2435d ago Show
ExCest2435d ago

Diablo would never accept him!

Series_IIa2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

The game doesn't even run for 70 minutes without server drops let alone 70 hours

kira422435d ago

....What game are you playing? Every time im on the servers are working