Capcom reveals Monster Hunter G Pack

Capcom unveiled the special edition PSP that will goes on sale with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and this must be the coolest looking PSP system so far. It features the guild crest with the customary brownish color that the series often use. The system will be included in "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Hunter Pack G" that also comes with a couple of pouches, a strap, one copy of the game, a battery pack and AC adaptor. As for the price, it will cost 24,571 Yen (around $231.00) and if the 25,890 Yen Crisis Core bundle fetched $399 at some online retailers, I wonder how much this will ends up with. Images of the pouches and strap after the links below. Image via Gpara.

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Darkiewonder4666d ago

Needed some time to produce these beauties! ^^

The color not so much. The insignia is awesome though. and the case looks very interestingly neat!

KidMakeshift4666d ago

They should just go all out and make special edition PSP covered in dragon scales.

whateva4666d ago

with the help of this pack.

Gish4666d ago

I have a PSP and have heard tons about monster hunter. Should I care about a brown psp? Is this one of those crazy japanese type games?

grimygunz4666d ago

its not a crazy game at all. just a very big series in japan. look-up a review of the game. monster hunter is the top selling game on PSP in japan.

KidMakeshift4666d ago

If you want a never ending game that's both fun and frustrating as hell then I recommend picking up MHF2

KidMakeshift4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Japan and all their special edition PSP's
While the rest of the world only gets one with a stupid Darth Vader sticker slapped on the back

doublertist4666d ago

I WANT THIS PSP im hella addicted to MHF2 right now and wow i hope they bring this one to america so i can fight some new legendary dragons...

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