Clip: Crysis Running On $900 Machine

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to get Crysis up and running on a budget PC. Sure, it's DIY, but it is possible! This capture footage of it running on a US$900 machine is nice and smooth. Let's have pics of the machine!

And unlike the earlier article, this requires no download

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Stray_Wulf4669d ago

yeah... thats nice... I still rather not pay so damn much money just to play some video game... I really don't see why people do that, spend so much to build a machine so they can see some pretty graphics... theres so much useful stuff out there in the world to buy but these people rather spend their money on computer parts to be able to sit there and stare at a monitor all day long because the game looks... pretty... i know I'm gonna get a TON of hate-comments for saying this next line but I'll say it anyways: "These people need freakin' LIVES"

DrPirate4669d ago

Hey man, no one is going to attack you for speaking your mind. Well...At least I'm not.

Anyways, your comment seems offbase, the point of this article is to prove you don't HAVE to spent more than a thousand dollars to play PC games.

This is useful for anyone wanting to game on PC, but is tight on a budget.

theox2g74668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

yea these guys need friggin lives, all these pc gamers do is spend $900 to build a gaming rig, buy crysis, run the game and sit and stare at the monitor all day drooling on the keyboard and jerking off to the graphics, "u r so right" (sarcasm), those worthless pieces of junk worth $900 can't do anything else but play crysis, they can't even do the million other things ppl use normal pcs to do, those pcs can't even play the other multiplatform games like cod4, bioshock, dmc4, assassin's creed, gears of war, lost planet, far cry 2, fallout 3, alan wake, unreal tournament 3, orange box etc and pc exclusives like starcraft 2 and rts/mmos? right? whoever buys these pcs can't even go out and get those multiplatform games for $10 cheaper than their console counterparts, right? they can't even get free online like ps3? right /sarcasm
oh wait, can they? not by ur primitive reasoning, isn't that pcs are for? staring at the monitor with one thing running all day and wasting ur life on them, at least by ur definition? am i missing something? aren't u trapped by some invisible rules to use ur gaming pc to do only one thing like the way consoles are? or maybe according to ur logic, if u use ur gaming pc for something else other than games, it'll explode? if yes, then maybe u're right, these dumb geeks are just spending $900 to play a single video game with pretty graphics alone and do nothing else, what a bunch of losers! (sarcasm)


JsonHenry4668d ago

Don't hate me because I can afford to play games on my PC. But I can totally see where you are coming from - $900 is a lot of money to spend on a system to play just one game...

But spending $400-$600 on a game system just to play games seems just as bad. At least the PC has cheaper games and provides many other services. But don't worry, consoles try to emulate the best platform possible- that being the PC. So as console progress more towards being a PC clone, you can be happy knowing your gaming experience is only going to get better and better.

radical_pi4669d ago

a lot of tearing but still for a budget pc id go with it!

Pacotaco19874669d ago

Yes, I'm new here, grats for being so astute. I'm sure mommy is proud.

0pt1cK1ll3r4669d ago

Once I get my 8800GT, I'll be able to enjoy the graphical experience Crysis has to offer, which should be 1 week.

But yeah I knew this ages ago PC's can play it on high, but people are cranking up the res very high, but I can't blame them they want the full experience specially with the max res there monitor can go.

Torkith4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Not too sure how the 8800GT is gunna work out, I'm currently running two of them in SLI mode, with 8GB of ram and a 2.4Ghz Quad Processor and I still can't seem to push out high, if im lucky it runs fine in high with not anti-aliasing.. but that's also not in dense areas.

Edit ** Very High isn't even worth trying with the specs I have... kinda makes me sad.

RioGrande4669d ago

You might want to have you computer scanned for viruses or something lol. I’m running Crysis on one 8800gt, 2.4 GHz quad processor, 3 GB or ram, res @ 720p and AA @ 4x.

bourner4669d ago

is this juts a post of people saying what hardware they have ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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